Sunrise producer for Project, or just a contract tease?

News Corp is today speculating that TEN has approached Sunrise exec producer Michael Pell to join The Project.

The Project’s EP Craig Campbell and Pell were spotted dining at Otto on Woolloomoollo Wharf on Saturday, which in itself isn’t enough to constitute evidence of an approach.

But his contract is understood to be up for renewal with Seven soon, so any media speculation plays well for parties concerned.

Pell is heavily devoted to Sunrise which he has been overseeing for nearly Seven years, and he hates working on a show that isn’t #1 in its timeslot. A Project role, were it likely to be true, would arguably entail a shift from Sydney to Melbourne, failing a Sydney-based role on the cards.

“Michael’s passion is live TV, so The Project would be a great option for him so shake things up,” an unnamed source suggests.

UPDATED: The Project’s Craig Campbell confirmed The Project wasn’t looking to steal Pell away from Seven.

“It was a delightful lunch, nothing more,” he told Fairfax. “I have known Michael for many years and we’re good friends. Whenever my partner and I go to Sydney, we catch up with Michael and his partner. I’m so sorry [for Michael] that this has happened!”


  1. True David – but with over 15 years personal experience in live TV I can vouch that once you’re in the “groove” it becomes more about about interesting the format is. You don’t get breaking news enough on brekkie telly to outweigh the entertainment/gossip/lifestyle tedium.

  2. I don’t think Seven would so stupid as to let their golden boy leave, he is behind the success of Sunrise and the Morning Show, I also doubt TEN could afford him lol

  3. I imagine it would be quite an attractive proposition. Producing breakfast television day in-day out must be mind-numbingly boring. The faster pace, get in, get it done, get out style of the project would be hugely appealing by comparison.

    • Subjective view…. you could also argue having more impact / viewers is far more appealing. Broadly speaking Live TV is not deemed boring by those who work in it. Keeps you on your toes.

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