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Supersized Earth final 7:30pm Sun Sept 29
Dance Academy final 6:05pm Mon Sept 30 ABC3
Rise of the Continents final 8:30pm Tues Oct 1
Blur: No Distance Left to Run special 8:30pm Wed Oct 2 ABC2
Upper Middle Bogan final 8pm Thu Oct 3
Never Mind the Buzzcocks 8:30pm Thu Oct 3 ABC2
It’s a Date final 9pm Thu Oct 3
Fleet Review Spectacular special 7:30pm Sat Oct 5
Kakadu 7:30pm Sun Oct 6
Q Pootle 5 5:20pm Mon Oct 7 ABC2
Country House Rescue 6pm Mon Oct 7
Audrey’s Kitchen 6:55pm Mon Oct 7
Breaking Bad 9:20pm Mon Oct 7 ABC2
Spectacular Spider-Man: 5:15pm Tues Oct 8 ABC3
Thomas And Friends 8am Wed Oct 9 ABC2
The Undateables 8:30pm Wed Oct 9 ABC2
ReDesign my Brain with Todd Sampson 8.30pm Thurs Oct 10
Boomtown 9:30pm Thu Oct 10
The Baby Bomb final 8:30pm Fri Oct 11 ABC2
Whitechapel 8:30pm Sat Oct 12


Bones final 9pm Sun Sept 29
The Blacklist 8:30pm Mon Sept 30
Scandal 9:30pm Mon Sept 30
Mistresses 10:30pm Mon Sept 30
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 7:30pm Wed Oct 2
Men at Work 9:30pm Wed Oct 2
I’m a Teenage Grandmother 10:30pm Thurs Oct 10




The Darren Sanders Show 11.40pm Wed Oct 2nd GO!
The Footy Show (NRL) final 8:30pm Thurs Oct 3
Hostages 8:30pm Wed Oct 9
The Darren Sanders Show final 11.40pm Wed Oct 23rd GO!



Modern Family 7:30pm Sun Sept 29
Elementary 8:30pm Sun Sept 29
Homeland 8:30pm Mon Sept 30
Beauty and the Beast final 10:30pm Mon Oct 7 ELEVEN
Supernatural 8:30pm Mon Oct 14 ELEVEN
American Horror Story 9:30pm Mon Oct 14 ELEVEN




Lost Kingdom of South America 7:30pm Sun Sept 29
Lost Girl 8:40pm Tues Oct 1 SBS 2
Prisoners of War 9:30pm Wed Oct 2
Derren Brown: An Evening of Wonders 9:05pm Thu Oct 3 SBS 2
Masters of Sex 9:30pm Thu Oct 3
Double Trouble 7:30pm Sun Oct 6 NITV
Living Black 8pm Tues Oct 8 NITV
Go Girls 8:30pm Tues Oct 8 NITV
Black Mirror 9:30pm Tues Oct 8
Thursday FC 8:30pm Thu Oct 10 SBS 2
Coast 7:30pm Fri Oct 11
JFK: The Smoking Gun 8.30pm Sun Nov 3


All times are Melbourne market.
This post updates.