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  1. Reading the TVT newsletter, I’m disappointed your ratings request was ‘politely declined’ (better than rudely shut down I guess!) – split coding is becoming more of an issue each week.

    I also find it annoying that the Foxtel ratings are dominated by sport now too with this new Fox League channel. An extension there would have been nice as well, or even a split sport and non-sport chart. Lost this battle, but perhaps can win the war one day!

    • I tried. OzTAM says they allow more publication of data than overseas counterparts, so it is a balancing act. I have pointed out that the Top 20 arrangements agreed to some years ago did not have the split coding that dominates today. I’ve wished them well in their endeavours to rein those in and the politics therein. I think we each understand each other’s position.

  2. My Results are in
    WIN News vs 9 News (Shepparton Area)

    I am really enjoying the Nine news with the Local news content is fantastic and cover both the Albury/Wodonga and the Shepparton Area however the sports coverage is all albury/wodonga based.

    So I have to watch Win news which has the local sport news.

    I do think 9 news have got the Boundaries mixed up with the Border North west area and the Riverenia area. I think they need to do follow the WIN news and have two seperate news areas.

  3. is reporting that Rove will be fronting a new show devoted to dissecting Doctor Who along the lines of Talking Dead and After the Thrones/Thronecast, called Whovians. It’ll air 8:30pm on ABC2 starting Sunday 16th April.

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