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  1. Changes to Eleven on Saturday nights. The new Minnie Driver sitcom Speechless starts at 8pm then Fresh off the Boat at 8.30pm and The Great Indoors at 9pm. The last two shows moving from Mondays to make way for more Simpsons repeats.

  2. I saw a few segments of Clubland Legends of Perth last night where Dean Clairs was the host of this show. Dean was a radio host on Mix 945

    On the other hand David, will The Wrong Girl and Shark Tank return to Ten this year?

  3. Is it just me or are the NewsCorp publications very anti one of the FTA networks of late? It’s been really obvious imo, to the point that specific shows on the other 2 FTA networks are being promoted & borderline advertised.

    Do you have any thoughts on this David?

      • My (for want of a better word) concern is that – from memory – they had previously “reported” on what had already been on air. Whereas this year, there has been a fair bit of “promoting” on what is about to be on air. I know it’s more an issue with the publications than television, but I do think it’s dangerous ground for all concerned.

  4. David, or anyone else, is 10 going to be airing the graham norton show special for trainspotting 2(danny boyle, ewan mcgregor, robert carlyle, johnny lee miller and ewan bremmner were all on the show for film promo when the film opened in the UK last month) next week? The film opens on the 23rd, so they could air it on the friday 24th perhaps?

  5. Rob McKnight (Studio 10 EP) is claiming Studio 10 won 930-1100 on Wed & Thu this week! Producing live shows through January, consistency and persistence is paying off. Good on Ten for sticking with the program.

  6. I am at a total loss to understand ..why…ABC News24 even bothers to have news conferences….mostly, the questions asked are barely audible…if at all….which makes any response…difficult to understand…
    Surely they could pass a mic around….or use a boom mic….Very poor work in this day and age.

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