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  1. I just saw an ad on Eleven within the last few minutes saying that “Whose Line is it Anyway Australia” will be shown on Ten on Mondays from February 6th or 13th (was a quick ad!). I thought it was exclusively to Foxtel. I didn’t expect Ten to play it so soon after showing it on Foxtel.

  2. Hi David – News came through overnight that Anja Nissen is against competing to represent Denmark at Eurovision in 2017, after finishing second at the national selection last year. The 10 competing songs won’t be released for another month and the contest itself is on 25 Feb. After failing to reach the final in consecutive years with boy bands, the 10 finalists are perhaps wisely made up of 9 solo acts and a duo.

  3. New programming Monday week. On Ten around 9pm new double eps of Life in Pieces and season 2 of The Odd Couple in double eps around 10pm. On Eleven, its new eps of Fresh off the Boat at 8.30pm followed by the new US comedy series that started there last September, The Great Indoors. New eps of Supernatural follow and then season 2 of The Strain at 10.30pm shown 18 months ago in US.

  4. The Leah Remini scientology series which has been airing in the US, is premiering on foxtel crime channel, CI on Wednesday Feb 8 – Leah Remini: Scientology & The Aftermath.

  5. The final season of Black Sails premieres on Showcase February 12th!
    And the HBO miniseries with Nicole Kidman, Big Little Lies, premieres on Showcase February 20th.

  6. Watching the Royal Variety Performance on Iview…The young magician, who is also in the forces, paid homage to the bomb disposal squad…Princes Charles was visibly moved…
    Also earlier…eating late lunch…Alan Davies came on….so funny…almost chocked…had to stop eating…Love that mans work…….funny or serious…

  7. what is the deal with the latest series of homeland, I believe S6 has already started in the US, it seems 10 is not fasttracking it and in fact we could be 2-3 weeks behind the US when they eventually start airing it. Unfortunately also, for 10 anyway, not going to stop people looking for it, “by other means” , they just do not get it(10 programmers).

    • You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a not so wondrous land of repeats and filler. Next stop, the Non-Rating Period!

  8. Five mins into TCN9 News tonight. Top left corner claims “First on 9 News”. At the same time top right corner claims “ABC News Exclusive”.

  9. I can understand one of these secondary channels repeating a show a week later or at a different time on another day but 7two airing “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Haiti” at 2pm today after airing it at 2pm yesterday is a bit much

    • Wait ’til next month. Afternoons will be repeats of the previous night’s programs, with further repeats across the weekend. Don’t stress if you miss an ep of MKR or “the show of the year” Married at First Sight or I’m a Celebrity. There will be plenty of chances to see it again, without having to go to a catch-up service. But, yes, the repeating of repeats is ridiculous. And they wonder why FTA is a dying breed.

  10. Gogglebox UK will be airing on Lifestyle this year according to a promo I saw a moment ago! Fingers crossed the show it express, meaning Saturday evenings our time, only a few hours after the UK Friday night screening.
    With slow tracking of many UK shows to Australia, GBUK will definitely lead to spoilers, but also be a good promo for upcoming shows. I’ve watched a number of shows based on seeing it on GBUK.

  11. The links to this weekends playlists have just been posted on rage’s Facebook page. On Saturday evening there will be 3 Countdown episodes and 2 shows of Rock Arena.

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