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  1. Mysteries of Laura season 2 starts on Nine Tuesday week at 11pm. Shown in US 18 months ago and on Foxtel two months ago. Also season 4 of Bates Motel starts on Seven Wednesday week at 11.30pm shown in US and on Foxtel a year ago.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    Kudos to the smart, intelligent ladies on ABC News….who laughed off and got past wearing the same colour….You showed others what professional means!

  3. Why is 7mate in Melbourne, today, in HD and channel 7’s main channel only SD (the epg on my iq2 is wrong for 7 Mate HD). How long is this going to be out of wack? I heard it is only for today and midnight will be returning to normal.

  4. Everyone makes mistakes, but if I was to consistently make mistakes at my job, then I would be fired. Why should sports broadcasters be any different? Having a great voice should not be #1 priority. Please channel 7, only allow Basil Zempilas to commentate WA derbies. Ignoring any potential bias, he continuously gets players names wrong. There has been no improvement over many years. It’s lucky that it’s taken this long for a mistake to occur at a special moment. Let’s just hope it doesn’t cost one young man a car!

  5. Maev....Sydney

    When I log out of my Telstra Account….a Sky News page comes up….just read this….
    The X-Files revived for new series… again
    Published: 11:02 am, Saturday, 22 April 2017
    Maybe someone should tell them to read TV Tonight, to keep up to date…. 😀

  6. Seven News Sydney tonight – an ad promoting the Royal Easter Show and that Sunrise will be giving away tickets to the Royal Easter Show 2017 next week – which – umm – finished April 19. Who’s checking what goes to air there???

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