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  1. If 10 is not going to air Zoo S3 on it’s digital channel, eleven, then why can’t they offload it to either foxtel or netflix, who will show it all the way through, unlike eleven last year, where it was constantly being removed. Whether you are a fan or not of the show, makes no difference, some people want to watch this show. No wonder people are cynical about operators like Village Roadshow, who on one hand, try to crack down on piracy, but on the other, try to make people wait until they want to air the movie or tv show.

    • Zoo actually aired on one last season not eleven. I too am waiting for s3 but I’m unsure if ten still have the rights due to all their issues. They’ve previously fastracked it so not sure why they’ve delayed this season if they do have the rights but after their recent NCIS stuff up who knows whats going on there? Netflix actually has the worldwide rights to it but it usually gets added at a later date and not sure if it has to run somewhere else first before they can air it. This wasnt an issue in previous seasons because it aired on ten somewhat fast tracked before netflix.

  2. I wonder if there is any overlap of Metro and rual broadcasting. For example I wonder if there is anywhere people can watch both 10 (metro) and Win (rual).

    • Central Coast NSW and Gold Coast have transmitters for Sydney/Brisbane and Nth NSW (TEN & WIN). Many parts of the Illawarra have to watch TEN Sydney as escarpment/UHF issues mean better reception from Sydney than ‘just over there’. Northern beaches (“Summer Bay”) get better reception from the WIN transmitters just across Broken Bay than they get from TEN Sydney. Viewers in Penrith NSW & Blue Mountains area get a better signal from WIN than from TEN. Of course same applies to Prime/7, 9/SCA, many other metro areas.

  3. One day domestic cup starts on Wednesday, with a new sponsor JLT, however it won’t be on GEM instead it’ll be streamed on-line at The article I read stated it’d be free, but when I click the ‘watch live’ link it wants me to pay to watch – make of that what you will.

  4. Two weeks ago The Murdoch Mysteries was a repeat. Last week, though the EPG showed they were repeats, the first 2 episodes of Season 8 were broadcast. I watched them, but would like to re-watch the second episode. Sadly, the latest episodes (usually means for 4eps) of the show have been pulled from Plus7.

  5. So while watching last thursdays episode of the wrong girl on tenplay the first ad break arrives and the first ad is a promo for next weeks episode of the wrong girl giving away a major plotline! What a way to spoil an episode for a viewer.

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