Air-Violin gets Sports Commentator in trouble

I know bugger all about cricket (and I have no problem with that), but Channel Nine cricket commentator Ian Healy, a former test cricketer, is in hot water for an on-air gesture.

Viewers called Nine’s switchboards to complain that he was seen making an “air violin” motion when fellow cricketer Andrew Symonds was discussing a Breast Cancer fund-raiser.

Healy maintains the gesture was a dig at Symonds not at Breast Cancer, and that he has been misunderstood.

He says the dig was in regard to Symond’s summer-long promotion of charity events and causes. It’s entirely possible, who knows what wacky humour sportsmates get up to in the privacy of their own commentating box. A whole day of cricket would drive me to humour too.

At least Nine News chose to run the news item and not pretend it didn’t happen.

You can see the offending video clip here.

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