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Friday Feb 9
[ABC/8:00pm] Collectors. Justin Murphy makes a rare find – an incomplete tea set made by the venerated English potter Dame Lucie Rie; find out this week’s “mystery object” and meet Lyn Shea who has a passion for prams.

[ABC/8:30pm] Dalziel And Pascoe : Houdini’s Ghost. (CC, M* Violence) Pascoe begins to uncover a story of family ties, love, betrayal, cover-ups and radioactive waste; and Dalziel gets himself into deeper waters with the woman he used to love. CAST: Pal Miclean, Colin Buchanan

[ABC/10:15pm] Little Britain. (CC, Rpt, M* Sexual references and material that may offend some viewers) Yeah but no but yeah but no… catch up with all your favourite kooky characters, created and performed by comic sensations, Matt Lucas and David Walliams. These guys were quite hilarious performing live in Melbourne last week, particularly their audience participation segments. Some poor 18yo kid was the apple of David Walliams’ eye in one particularly offensive sketch – but that’s what they do…offend. It would have been staged more suitably in a theatre than the dreadful Vodafone Arena, what a barn! This is a rerun series obviously…

[ABC/11:30pm] The Band Aid Story. (CC, Rpt, M *Coarse Language)
This is the story of how a bunch of musicians forced u-turns in government policy, propelled Ethiopia into the nation’s psyche and made the whole of Britain, and the world, put its hand in its pocket.

[Nine/10:00pm] The Code. Encore.
[Nine/10:30pm] Shopping For Love. Final.

[Seven/7:30pm] Movie: The Princess Diaries (US 2001). Shy San Francisco teenager Mia Thermopolis is thrown for a loop when, from out of the blue, she learns the astonishing news that she’s a real-life princess! As the heir apparent to the crown of the small European principality of Genovia, Mia begins a comical journey towards the throne when her strict and formidable grandmother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi, shows up to give her ‘princess lessons’. The two instantly clash-Mia has no intention of leaving her normal life to become the ruler of a far-off country, while her grandmother insists it is her duty. Clarisse is determined to do a complete makeover of this sparkling – if not polished – diamond in the rough in order that she take her rightful place in the royal line of succession. Now, the reluctant princess must make the biggest decision of her life-whether to remain with her family and explore a budding romance with her best friend’s brother Michael – or to leave everything behind to accept the royal responsibilities that come with being the Princess of Genovia. Starring JULIE ANDREWS, ANNE HATHAWAY, HECTOR ELIZONDO, HEATHER MATARAZZO, MANDY MOORE, CAROLINE GOODALL, ERIK VON DETTEN, PATRICK FLUEGER and ROBERT SCHWARTZMAN. Rpt.

[Ten/6:30pm] Neighbours. Special guest Andrew G.
[Ten/7:30pm] Smallville. “Oracle.”
[Ten/10:35pm] Veronica Mars. “Plan B”
[Ten/1:30am Sat] Fat Actress. Charlie’s Angels. Rpt.

[SBS/10:00pm] Stacked Like Me. This documentary reveals the world of women whose breast size defines their lives. Some are considering breast reductions. Others have discovered the power they can wield because of the size of their chest and others have chosen to flaunt their breasts for a variety of personal, emotional, psychological or even financial gains. This documentary looks at how breasts are a commodity in western culture and are the number one focus in fashion, entertainment and public life. Interviews with women reveal how their attitudes towards their breasts were formed during adolescents and how this has shaped their current body image. With a focus on the big breast obsession that has a hold on North American culture and through interviews that present vastly contrasting experiences, this film is a celebration of the female body and an exploration of important issues and challenges faced by women of all ages with double letter chest sizes. (From Canada, in English) M (N) (Rpt) CC WS

[Biography/5:30pm] Munsters: USA’s First Family of Fright

[TCM/8:30pm] Movie: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (US 1966)

[ABC/11:00pm] jtv Live: Eskimo Joe (G, Rpt) Hosted by Jay and the Doctor, jtv live presents West Australian rock group Eskimo Joe, recorded live in Perth.

[ABC/9:30pm] The West Wing. The final series of this highly-acclaimed drama premieres on a NEW NIGHT in a NEW TIMESLOT on Saturday, February 10 at 9.30pm on ABC TV. As President Josiah Bartlet’s time in the White House comes to an end, two formidable men vie for the Presidency: Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda), a Republican senator from California, and three-term Houston Democratic Congressman Matthew Santos (Jimmy Smits). After suffering a heart attack and stepping down from his previous position, Leo McGarry, professorial Advisor to the President, continues to serve as Bartlet’s political and emotional right hand, as well as Matthew Santos’ vice-presidential running mate. Meanwhile, former Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman keeps his highly regarded political mind in overdrive in his new position working for Santos, but he is caught off guard when political commentators are critical of Leo as Santos’ deputy. Donna approaches Josh for a job. As a grand jury convenes to investigate the White House military shuttle leak, the campaign’s focus changes to national security. Vinick deftly handles the issue while Santos is bound by his party loyalty to align himself with the Bartlet administration. Stars Martin Sheen, Stockard Channing, Allison Janney, John Spencer, Richard Schiff, Janel Moloney, Joshua Malina, Mary McCormack, Bradley Whitford, Dulé Hill, Kristin Chenoweth.

[Seven/6:30pm] The Magic Of Riverdance. Of all the performances to emerge from Ireland nothing has carried the energy, the sensuality and spectacle of Riverdance and seen by 18 million people around the world. Celebrate the incredible rise of Riverdance from an original performance at the Eurovision Song Contest to an international dance phenomenon. Follow the amazing journey of the dance production from the small beginnings to a box office smash and global spectacle. Including stunning footage of the principal dancer – MICHAEL FLATLEY.

[Seven/9:15pm] Desperate Housewives. Listen To The Rain On The Roof Rpt.
[Seven/10:10pm] Brothers & Sisters. Patriarchy. If you missed your chance to meet the Walkers, here’s a special encore screening of the series premiere to fill you in. The Walkers are an ordinary family living in L.A. Through siblings – Sarah, the corporate VP who returns to the family business; Tommy the charming womanizer; Kevin, the gay lawyer cautiously learning about love; Justin grappling with war trauma and addiction; and Kitty, conservative radio host turned TV pundit – we explore how these brothers and sisters balance their lives as they strive to accept their parents as people rather than just as a father and mother. Rpt.

[Nine/8:30pm] Missing Persons Unit. Rpt.
[Nine/9:30pm] RPA. Rpt.

[Ten/12:55am Sun] NYPD Blue. Finale. “Moving Day” From March 2005. Dennis Franz was the only original cast member of NYPD Blue to be in all of its 261 shows for its 12-season duration on ABC.

[SBS/7:30pm] The Colony. What happens when a group of British, Irish and Australians are sent back two hundred years to re-live the harsh reality of their ancestors’ days in the new colonies of Australia? This six-part series transports a group of English, Irish and Australians (both Indigenous and European) back in time to the Australia of their ancestors. Living the life of free settlers, convicts and local Aboriginal people, they experience the unforgiving toughness of the colony of NSW as it was two hundred years ago. The series is a quality blend of historical discovery, social jeopardy, adventure and experiential learning as pampered 21st century ‘pioneers’ attempt to prove they’re tough enough to survive their historical ordeal. The “set up” is a microcosm of the extraordinary plan that the British government hatched to colonise Australia. A British family and an Irish family are shipped to the far side of the world to join an Australian family and nine convicts in a fledgling community. An Aboriginal family are already living on the land. Here the community replicates the early days of European settlement in its struggle for survival. They have to cope with the lack of creature comforts, as well as the gruelling chores of daily life. Each day presents a new challenge as they struggle to acquire the same essential survival skills as their ancestors did 200 years before. (Commissioned by SBS Independent, in English) (Documentary Series) (Part 1) PG (Rpt) CC WS. Bit surprised this getting another airing. One of the participants suicided some time after returning to the UK, even though her parents resolved the programme of any direct influence.

[SBS/8:30pm] Iron Chef – This is not a program for learning how to cook. It is a feverish competition among world-class chefs “with the over-the-top appeal of pro wrestling.” The ingredients are unconventional; the preparations are sheer genius. Iron Chef pushes the boundaries of taste. (From Japan, English narration) (Entertainment) G CC WS

[Movie Extra/8:30pm] Nightmares and Dreamscapes. Tom Berenger. With Susie Porter, Marg Downey, Kim Gyngell, Chris Haywood. Popular horror writer Richard Kinnell attends a book signing where he’s greeted by dozens of clamoring and eccentric fans. Afterward he goes to his doctor and is informed that he has cancer.

[UKTV/6:30pm] Smith and Jones Sketchbook. Premiere.

[Ten/8:00am] Meet The Press. New Series
[Ten/7:30pm] The Biggest Loser
[Ten/11:35pm] The Shield. New Series.
[Ten/12:35am Mon] Battlestar Galactica. “Downloaded” Guest: Lucy Lawless. After Boomer’s consciousness is downloaded into a new body following her death, she struggles with her new life on Cylon-occupied Caprica. Number Six is asked to help Boomer adjust to her new role in Cylon society.

[Nine/9:00am] Sunday. New Series. Investigative journalism, sport, business, film and politics. Ellen Fanning and Ross Greenwood present Sunday’s investigative reporters Ross Coulthart, Sarah Ferguson and Adam Shand and the Laurie Oakes interview, arts, music, Peter Thompson’s film review and Stephanie Brantz and Tony Jones on sport

[ABC/2:00pm] Living Famously : Alfred Hitchcock. (CC, G, Rpt) Profiles great entertainers of the 20th century. Alfred Hitchcock one of the most famous directors in film history, made his name and his fortune scaring millions out of their wits.

[ABC/6:30pm] The Einstein Factor. New Series. The Einstein Factor bounces back for a fourth season with an intriguing mix of contestants and special subjects. Australians put their passions to the test, pitting their knowledge up against each other in this offbeat quiz show. In their sights is the ultimate goal – to win The Einstein Factor Grand Final. Vying for top spot this week are an upholsterer from Queensland with a fascination for the life of Ned Kelly; a 19-year-old student from NSW who is spellbound by the satirical lives of the television series Black Books, and a true cricket tragic from NSW who knows all there is to know about The Ashes. Asking the tough questions and controlling the game is host Peter Berner. He’s quick with the questions and even quicker with his wit. Joining Peter is the formidable Brains Trust – Barry Jones, Sue Turnbull and Matt Parkinson.

[ABC/7:30pm] Planet Earth. The vast open wildernesses of African savannah, Asian steppe, Arctic tundra and North American prairie are the great plains of the planet. Together they cover more than a quarter of the land on Earth and one living thing is at their heart – grass. This humble plant feeds the greatest gatherings of wildlife found anywhere on Earth. The red-billed quelea swarm across the African savannah devouring grass seeds; every year herds of wildebeest mass in East Africa in search of new grass; and on the Arctic tundra caribou migrate for 2,000 miles on a quest for good grazing. After filming for three years, Planet Earth captured the most mysterious herd of all – the shy Mongolian gazelle. The elusive and bizarre-looking Tibetan fox is captured on film for the first time here as it hunts the pikka. The plains of Northern India hide a diverse range of animals, from elephants and rhino, to the smallest of all wild pigs – the rare pygmy hog. In Botswana, massive herds of buffalo and elephant trek hundreds of miles in search of water and new grass.Over six weeks, Planet Earth follows a pride of 30 lions – one of the largest in Africa – as they attempt to hunt elephants around one of the few remaining waterholes. Night after night, driven by hunger, the pride sizes up different elephants. Using the latest night-vision equipment, the crew films the chaotic battles that ensue at close quarters, until finally the pride pursues and overwhelms a thirsty adolescent elephant.

[ABC/10:05pm] Compass : The Real Desperate Housewives. Geraldine Doogue goes to Kellyville to find out how the women manage the financial, physical and emotional stresses of modern living, while juggling a job, house, husband and kids?

[Seven/1:35pm] Movie: Separate Tables (US 1958) The stories of several people are told as they stay at a seaside hotel in Bournemouth, which features dining at ‘Separate Tables’. Starring RITA HAYWORTH, DEBORAH KERR, DAVID NIVEN, BURT LANCASTER and WENDY HILLER.

[Seven/6:30pm] Where Are They Now? Australia has always had a long love affair with game shows. Relive those memories as Mel and Kochie catch up with all the game show greats, JOHN BURGESS, VICTORIA NICHOLLS, IAN TURPIE, BARBIE ROGERS, ROSEMARY MARGAN, PHILIP BRADY and JIMMY HANNAN in this special reunion. Plus meet several survivors of the United Airlines Flight 811 – 1989 mid-air disaster, including Sydney passenger PAUL HOTZ, his wife SUSAN and daughter GEORGIA, and Melbourne surgeon JACK KENNEDY. They’re joined in the studio by a very special guest.

[Seven/7:30pm] Movie: Princess Diaries 2 – Royal Engagement (US 2004) The fun begins as Mia is ready to assume her role as princess of Genovia. But no sooner has she moved into the Royal Palace with her grandmother Queen Clarisse than she learns her days as a princess are numbered – Mia’s got to lose the tiara and immediately take the crown. As if getting ready to rule wasn’t enough, the stakes for Mia have never been higher – with Genovian law stating that princesses must be married before being crowned. In the quest for a groom, comedy and complications rule. Starring ANNE HATHAWAY, JULIE ANDREWS, HECTOR ELIZONDO, JOHN RHYS-DAVIES, HEATHER MATARAZZO, CHRIS PINE, CALLUM BLUE, KATHLEEN MARSHALL, TOM POSTON, JOEL MCCRARY, KIM THOMSON, RAVEN, LARRY MILLER and CAROLINE GOODALL.

[Seven/9:50pm] Grey’s Anatomy. Losing My Religion. If you missed the final episode from last season, here’s a special encore to fill you in. It all begins with Richard who goes into interrogation mode about a patient’s condition, Callie who confronts George about his feelings for her, and Meredith and Derek who finally meet about Doc. Guest starring CHRIS O’DONNELL. Also starring ELLEN POMPEO, PATRICK DEMPSEY, JAMES PICKENS, JR, T R KNIGHT, SANDRA OH, KATHERINE HEIGL, CHANDRA WILSON, ISAIAH WASHINGTON, JUSTIN CHAMBERS, KATE WALSH, JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN and SARA RAMIREZ. Rpt.

[Seven/10:45pm] All Saints. Judgement Day. Before Tuesday’s new season premiere, take another look at how we left the All Saints team in 2006. Cate is brought in after a drug overdose, Erica’s brother escapes during a prison van MVA and a disturbed man brings a gun into the ED with disastrous results. Starring JOHN HOWARD, JUDITH MCGRATH, CHRIS GABARDI, TAMMY MACINTOSH, MARK PRIESTLEY, ALEXANDRA DAVIES, WIL TRAVAL, CHRIS VANCE, JOLENE ANDERSON, ALLISON CRATCHLEY, VIRGINIA GAY and ANDREW SUPANZ. Rpt.

[SBS/9:30pm] Movie: Plots With A View – Set in the small Welsh town of Wrottin, Powys, shy funeral parlour owner Boris Plot’s (Alfred Molina) life is about to turn upside down. The woman he has loved since he was a young boy, Betty Rhys-Jones (Brenda Blethyn), is about to become available – by staging her own untimely demise so the two can elope together. Meanwhile, the business Boris has always loved is about to come under attack from flashy American competitor Frank Featherbed (Christopher Walken) and his assistant Delbert (Lee Evans), who aim to “put the fun back into funerals” with themed burials, Vegas-style ceremonies and a whole lot of pizzazz. Betty’s husband, the womanising town councillor Hugh is glad to be rid of his wife, as is his scheming mistress Meredith (Naomi Watts) who was intent on bumping off Betty anyway. After her staged death, Betty discovers the truth about her adulterous husband and his strumpet secretary – and decides to get even before departing. Directed by Nick Hurran and written by Frederick Ponzlov, this film won the 2003 BAFTA Cymru Award and was nominated for the Golden Hitchcock Award at the Dinard British Film Festival. (From the UK, in English) (Comedy) (2003) M (S) CC WS

[Biography/10:30pm] Pet Shop Boys: A Life in Pop.
[11:30pm] Grammy Awards: Guide to Show

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