Mon Feb 5

[Seven/7:30pm] The Rich List.

[Seven/8:30pm] Desperate Housewives. New Series. Hm we’ve jumped 6 months forward. A bit like the time since our season finale. So the big question is will Wisteria Lane return to the halcyon days of series one, or will it be as patchy as series two? Marc Cherry is only a co-writer here, so let’s see. Bree is a lot closer to Kyle McWacko, and he’s proposing. But Bree hasn’t had sex with him. So she tries it. There’s a funny sex scene which we’ve all heard about, when he tries to go down on her and she says “I’m a Republican.” Its funny because its true. Lynette is lumbered with Tom’s ex, Nora who’s a right pain. Gabby’s all tied up with her maid, the baby and separation from Carlos. And Kyle McWacko, aka Orson, may have murdered and buried his wife. That sounds familiar. Mr Cherry, you only get 2.5 stars out of five and that’s for Bree’s orgasm.

[Seven/9:30pm] Brothers and Sisters. Premiere. “Patriarchy.” The Walkers are an ordinary family living in L.A.. Through siblings – Sarah, the corporate VP who returns to the family business; Tommy the charming womanizer; Kevin, the gay lawyer cautiously learning about love; Justin grappling with war trauma and addiction; and Kitty, conservative radio host turned TV pundit – we explore how these brothers and sisters balance their lives as they strive to accept their parents as people rather than just as a father and mother. Sally Field is terrific in this ensemble drama, which also features Rachel Griffiths and Callista Flockhart. The girls rule this show. But it’s written by a gay playwright and produced by Greg Berlanti of so Broken Hearts Club is that any real surprise? He’s also penned a “together” gay guy, what a revelation. Most of the male actors are hard to tell apart. All tall, dark, goodlooking. As if that isn’t enough Rob Lowe will join later down the track. This feels like watching American repertory theatre, so if you like Six Feet Under or The West Wing (which will soon switch to Saturdays) give this a go. I’m really warming to it.

[Seven/12:00am Tue] Huff. New Series. SWEET RELEASE
Huff’s romantic weekend alone with Beth ends up getting very steamy. Izzy meets a man while at a Palm Springs casino. Starring HANK AZARIA, PAGET BREWSTER, OLIVER PLATT, BLYTHE DANNER and ANTON YELCHIN.

[SBS/10:00am] 2007 NFL Super Bowl – SBS Sport, for the ninth consecutive year, will broadcast every moment of Super Bowl XLI live from Dolphin Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida, with a scheduled replay at 11.00pm. SBS Television’s Super Bowl presentation will be led by Ed Wyatt, with expert analysis and comments from Australian born, former NFL player Colin Scotts and SBS Sport personality Damien Lovelock. LIVE. (Sport) WS

[31/10:00am] Movie: The General. 1927. Starring Buster Keaton. Johnnie loves his train (“The General”) and Annabelle Lee. When the Civil War begins he is turned down for service because he’s more valuable as an engineer. Union spies capture The General with Annabelle on board. Johnny must rescue both his loves. G

[ABC/8:30pm] The West Wing. The success of the impeccably organised Republican Convention contrasts with the Democrats who look in disarray as the candidates continue to battle to become the Democratic Party presidential nominee. Bartlet asks Leo to take control and organise the upcoming convention. Meanwhile, the International Space Station develops a leak and is losing oxygen, jeopardizing the lives of the three astronauts aboard. At the Democratic Party National Convention, the race to become the presidential nominee continues right up to the last minute. Also, Bartlet wrestles with the decision to risk national security and launch the secret defence shuttle to rescue the astronauts trapped at the Space Station – or let them die. Stars Martin Sheen, Stockard Channing, Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, Bradley Whitford, Janel Moloney, Joshua Malina, John Spencer, Dulé Hill, Mary McCormack, Kristin Chenoweth.

[Nine/7:30pm] The Code: Crime and Justice. Premiere. In an Australian first, The Code: Crime and Justice features unprecedented access to the officers of the Victoria Police and the rulings from inside the Magistrates’ Court. Narrated by William McInnes and produced by Craig Graham (RPA), the half-hour series captures the full range of emotions faced by the people involved in the judicial process – from perpetrators and frontline officers, to the magistrates, prosecutors and lawyers who preside over the courts. The Code: Crime and Justice reveals to ordinary Australians a different side of two of our bedrock institutions, the police and the courts, as dramatic stories of suburban sieges, drug raids and homicide investigations unfold every week.

[Nine/8:35pm] 1 vs 100.
[Nine/9:30pm] The Allan Border Medal

[Ten/7:00pm] The Biggest Loser.
[Ten/8:00pm] Bondi Rescue. New Series. Last Summer Australian television audiences were introduced to the dramatic world of the Bondi Lifeguards, the real heroes who patrol one of the world’s busiest and most famous beaches. Join them again as they deal with everything from rescues to shark scares, lost children and thieves.

[SBS/7:30pm] Top Gear. This seven-part series continues to be a high octane mix of performance cars, adrenalin, comedy and celebrities. The series continues to test drive and brutally appraise the world’s most popular cars with startling honesty. With Jeremy, James and Richard being egged on by a studio audience, the seventh series features even more wild and wacky motoring feats. This episode features a refitted Pagani Zonda that has a price tag of £100,000 more than a regular Zonda. This episode’s challenge is to buy a ‘decent’ used Italian super-car for under £10,000 and take it to Bristol for a series of challenges. (From the UK, in English) (Series) G CC WS

[SBS/8:30pm] South Park. The New Terrance And Philip Movie – Excited to catch a first look at the new Terrance and Phillip movie, the boys make like Cartman and sit their butts in front of the TV to see the trailer during a commercial break in the long running series Russell Crowe: Fighting Around the World. (From the US, in English) (Animated Comedy Series) M (V,A) (Rpt) CC WS

[SBS/9:00pm] Drawn Together. – Clum Babies – In tonight’s episode, Wooldoor finally reaches puberty and can’t stop masturbating. This leads to the “birth” of his magical clum babies, which have healing powers. Clara views it as an act against God and is on a mission to stop him. (From the US, in English) (Animated Comedy Series) MA (A,S,V) CC WS

[SBS/10:00pm] Shameless. In this episode, the Gallagher family can’t believe it when Carl starts to bring money into the household. But by the time they discover his mini-enterprise involves growing cannabis for the Maguire family, it’s too late. Meanwhile, Mandy Maguire gets a new boyfriend and Lip realises that his jealousy is a sign of his true love for her. But when he finds out that she was the brains behind Carl’s illegal plant-growing business, war breaks out between the two families. Stars David Threlfall, Maggie O’Neill, Gerard Kearns and Johnny Bennett. (From the UK, in English) (Drama Series) (Part 6) MA (S,V,D) CC WS

[SBS/11:00pm] 2007 NFL Super Bowl – Features a REPLAY of this morning’s broadcast of the XLI Super Bowl from Dolphin Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida. (Sport) (Rpt) WS

[SBS/1:05am Tue] Queer As Folk. In tonight’s episode, Brian baby sits Gus and Michael meets David’s son for the first time. (From the US, in English) (Drama Series) MA (L,S, A) (Rpt) CC WS

[Ovation/7:30pm] Ballroom Bootcamp
[Ovation/8:30pm] The Elton John Story

[Biography/7:30pm] Maggie… At Home With. Molly Meldrum

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