Today Tonight to expose Schapelle

Today Tonight is kicking off the ratings year by promising to “blow the lid” on Schapelle Corby.

The programme has secured an interview with Jodi Power, a former friend of Schapelle’s sister, Michelle.

Sounds a lot like dirty laundry…..nothing is ever this simple. It’s a big claim by TT too. One can only assume they have recorded the interview and are sitting on some brash statements by Power.

Here’s Seven’s Press Release:

Today Tonight presents an unprecedented insight into the family of convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby in an exclusive interview with a close family friend set to blow the whistle on the entire Corby clan, screening Monday night (February 12, 6.30pm) on Channel Seven.

Serving a 20-year sentence in Bali’s Kerobokan prison since her arrest in 2004, 29-year-old Schapelle has fiercely proclaimed her innocence with the close support of her family, especially older sister Mercedes Corby, and their close friend Jodi Power.

But last year, Jodi and Mercedes had a falling out and now Jodi is speaking out to clear her conscience and to reveal the truth about the tight-knit Corby family.

Justifying her decision to finally break her silence, Jodi says: “You know, she (Mercedes) was my best friend for that long, those things that she told me, I shouldn’t be telling anyone, but she’s hurt too many people now.”

For the first time, she tells Today Tonight reporter Bryan Seymour the real story about Schapelle and her family.


  1. I believe that the upcoming show about Michelle Corby should NOT be allowed to be shown. This young woman (and I say that lightly) is a convected criminal currently serving time in a Filipino jail for smuggling drugs. I believe that this show should be shown also because it is possible that either she or her family are going to benefit from the proceeds of this show. This person sore fit to break the law of the country she visited and got caught, tried, convicted and sentenced. She should therefore serve out her time and if released early should serve out the rest of her time in the Philippines, and when she comes home to Australia should be watched like a hawk if she cannot be brought up on charges in Australia for the same crime (ie; exporting drugs out of the country). This case should be a warning to all who intend visiting a another country.

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