Wed Feb 7

[Ten/7:30pm] The CON TEST. Premiere. You don’t need to understand the questions or know any of the answers to win the top prize! In this game of wit, nerve and cunning, the best bluffer takes out the money! Hosted by: Andrew G, Brigitte Duclos

[Ten/8:30pm] House. Premiere. After recovering from his gunshot wounds, House works feverishly on two cases at the same time: a paralysed man who drove his wheelchair into a swimming pool and a woman who became paralysed after a yoga session. Another great episode. House is back!

[Ten/9:30pm] Medium. “Be Kind, Rewind” Allison dreams about the same day over and over again, each time finding more important clues. Joe tries to get affection from Allison. Ariel has problems at school with a girl who is picking on her because she’s too pretty. Allison’s very own Groundhog Day.

[ABC/8:00pm] The New Inventors. New Series. ABC TV’s highly popular The New Inventors returns for a fourth spectacular season of uncovering the brightest ideas from new and young Australian inventors. Hosted by the ebullient James O’Loghlin, The New Inventors highlights the spirit of Australian entrepreneurship and social enterprise, and illustrates how the nation is far from sedentary when it comes to pioneering new ideas. Debating the merits of tonight’s three inventions are: engineer James Moody, agricultural scientist Chris Russell and design teacher Alison Page.
#1. HeadZone
Former pro-water-ski coach Mark Ellis from Forster, NSW, has developed a waterproof communication system with a radio receiver and headphones built into a helmet. Primarily designed for coaching and sports events, HeadZone allows Mark to speak to skiers, or coaches to athletes, while they are training. The coach has a mic and transmitter and can choose to speak to several athletes at once or individually. Each unit operates on UHF radio and has 16+channels and a range of up to three kms.
#2.Power Snips
Macleay Island, Qld, roofer Peter Staples has designed a hand-held power tool that gives a machine-edge cut to sheet metal. His device has the ability to cut curves in both directions without leaving any sharp edges on the corrugated iron. Peter’s sheet metal-cutting Power Snips help get the job done quicker, easier and safer.
#3. PaddleMotion
Newcastle mechanical engineer Wil Gardner has a fascination for human powered vehicles for water sports and boating and has been tinkering with his idea for a paddle-powered canoe for a few years. PaddleMotion is a pedal-powered paddle drive system for open canoes. A portable device, PaddleMotion consists of a pair of standard canoe paddles easily attached to the gunwales of an open canoe with quick-release clamps. By using your legs to pedal the device, a canoe can be paddled at impressive speeds.

[ABC/10:15pm] The Kumars At No. 42. Final. : Carol Vorderman and Elvis Costello. TV presenter Carol Vorderman and musician Elvis Costello arrive at the house for a full interrogation by the Kumar family.

[Nine/7:30pm] McLeod’s Daughters. New Series.
[Nine/8:30pm] Cold Case. New Series. “Rampage”
[Nine/9:30pm] Without a Trace. New Series. “Cross Roads.” Guest stars: Jason Priestley.

[Seven/7:30pm] Border Security. What’s in the bag? Verbal punches are thrown around the customs hall when a passenger arriving from LA objects to his bags being opened. A former diplomat arriving from Nairobi protests to a routine baggage search. And a passenger from Hong Kong claims he is in Australia for a holiday but the contents of his bag reveal another story.

[Seven/8:30pm] Heroes. CHAPTER TWO ‘DON’T LOOK BACK’
Outside a bizarre, gruesome crime scene, Los Angeles beat cop Matt Parkman is the only one who can hear the cries of a missing little girl. Claire almost reveals her secret ability to the entire school. Thinking she’s going crazy, Niki loses another block of time after waking to find some brutally murdered thugs in her garage. Hiro finds a comic book that leads him to Isaac. Nathan confronts Peter following his plunge off a building. Guest stars CLEA DUVALL and NORA ZEHETNER. Also starring MILO VENTIMIGLIA, ADRIAN PASDAR, HAYDEN PANETTIERE, GREG GRUNBERG, ALI LARTER, MASI OKA, SENDHIL RAMAMURTHY, SANTIAGO CABRERA, TAWNY CYPRESS, NOAH GRAY-CABEY and JACK COLEMAN.

[Seven/8:30pm] Prison Break. OTIS. Wentworth and Link bust into the courthouse to nab his son. They break into the lift but it all goes belly up. Dagnammit. The other cons have headed off. T Bag has his hand sewn back on. He’s a man with a mission now. Bellick is sacked and goes home to mum. Awww. He is about to commit suicide but u just know vengeance drives him more. Poor old Guv smashes up his Taj Mahal. Not happy Jan. Tweener hitches a ride to Utah from some uni students.

[Seven/10:30pm] 24. 10:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M.
As a cloud forms over Los Angeles and the Nation watches in horror, CTU begin the hunt for the other four ‘visitors’. In light of the latest events, Jack realizes he must stop the attacks, and vows to continue the search. Starring KIEFER SUTHERLAND, MARY LYNN RAJSKUB, DB WOODSIDE, JAMES MORRISON, ROGER CROSS, PETER MACNICOL, REGINA KING, JAYNE ATKINSON, ERIC BALFOUR, CARLO ROTA, MARISOL NICHOLS, KAL PENN, HAMRI AL-ASSAD, HARRY LENNIX, POWERS BOOTHE, JAMES CROMWELL and CHAD LOWE. After the huge nuclear explosion this episode is something of an anti-climax. Too much of the plot is focussed on plaintive family relationships with Jack, and not enough on the ramifications of exploding a nuclear bomb. I think people were more devastated by the Twin Towers disaster than this. Did the writers go too far?

[Nine/10:30pm] Third Watch. Series Return. “Too Little, Too Late.” Five episodes remaining.

[SBS/8:00pm] Inside Australia: Policing The Pacific – Dili’s New Street Cops – This four-part series details the adventures and challenges that Australian Federal Police encounter in their quest to bring justice and peace to the islands of the Pacific traumatised by civil war. This series follows several Australian Federal Agents deployed to the Solomon Islands, where they patrol the streets of the capital Honiara, the remote and dangerous Weather Coast and outer islands that rarely, if ever, see law enforcement. In tonight’s episode, Australian Federal Agent Dave Elson, who we met on the Weather Coast of the Solomon Islands in part one, is now deployed to East Timor. He and his colleague Danielle Woodward spend six hours a day, seven days per week patrolling the streets of Dili, the capital of the fledging independent nation of East Timor. (Commissioned by SBS Independent, in English) (Final) PG (V) CC WS

[SBS/8:30pm] The Power Of Nightmares – The Phantom Victory – Should we be worried about the threat from organised terrorism or is it simply a phantom menace being used to stop society from falling apart? In tonight’s episode, the series continues its assessment of whether the threat from a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion. This episode examines how the radical Islamists and neo-conservatives, two groups with seemingly opposing ideologies, came together to defeat a common enemy, the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. (From the UK, in English and Arabic, English subtitles) (Documentary Series) (Part 2) PG (Rpt) CC WS

[SBS/10:00pm] Festival Movie: The Bench – (BAENKEN) – This is the first of two feature films, from writer and director Per Fly, that are screening on SBS Television. Kaj (Jesper Christensen), once a highly regarded chef, is now in his early 50s, an alcoholic living in a council flat in a Copenhagen suburb. Proud and cantankerous, he constantly argues with the friends that he meets on a public bench every day for their drinking session. Meanwhile, Liv (Stine Holm Joensen), on the run from an abusive husband with her young son, rents a room nearby. Kaj realises that Liv is the daughter he hasn’t seen or spoken to for 19 years. After trying to avoid her, Kaj invites Liv and her son for dinner and reveals the truth. This film won several Bodil Awards, including Best Actor (Jesper Christensen) and Best Film and at the 2001 Robert Festival, Per Fly received Best Director and Jesper Christensen received Best Actor. Also stars Marius Sonne Janischefska, Nikolaj Kopernikus, Jens Albinus and Lars Brygmann. (From Denmark, in Danish, English subtitles) (Drama) (2000) M (L,A,V) WS

[World Movies/8:30pm] Movies: Koyaanisqatsi / Powaqqatsi / Naqoyqatsi

[Ovation/7:30pm] Ladies Please.
[Ovation/9:30pm] The Lady With The Torch. Glenn Close narrates the history of Colombia Pictures.

[Biography/8:30pm] Pet Shop Boys: A Life in Pop.

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