Charmed back a spell

Charmed fans will finally get to see the drama’s final episodes on Free-To-Air when TEN returns the incomplete eighth season at 12pm Monday April 2.

“Kill Billie Vol 1” screened in October 2005 in the US, and will finally air here in the Easter non-ratings period.

There will then be 16 more episodes which follow weekdays at 12pm.

It’s a timeslot where TEN has previously played out other low raters including the end of Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill.

Guest stars in the closing eps include Ivan Sergei (The Opposite of Sex).

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  1. Wake up to yourself Channel 10 …
    In this new tech age no-one is willing to tolerate waiting two years to see episodes of a show they like … I saw all this season on DVD!

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