Deadly Desperates

Seen those ads for Desperate Housewives telling you two will die?

It’s a spoiler I think the network should have kept under wraps. But then how would they plug it?

When I watched this episode without any prior knowledge of its content I was gobsmacked. And delighted.

It’s easily the show’s best episode of the year.

Much of this year has been writer Marc Cherry’s habit of mysterioso and diversionary plots. And yet again we see the women separated into individual plotlines that keep them apart for too long.

But on Monday March 19 there’s a shift into the dramatic, and finally we see Felicity Huffman show us the skills that landed her an Oscar nomination for TransAmerica.

If you are a Wisteria fan, don’t miss a dynamite episode.

“Bang” airs 8:30pm Monday March 19 on Seven.

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