Denise on Daryl

An icon of Aussie TV, the fabulous Denise Drysdale, was recently interviewed on JOY 94.9FM and asked about her days with Daryl Somers.

Ding Dong was famously short-lived on Hey Hey It’s Saturday as a sidekick to Daryl, not because she was bad, but because she was just too good.

During her stint in 1989, Denise was getting too many laughs, arguably at Daryl’s expense. As a result the union ended.

In the recent interview Denise was asked for “dirt on Daryl.”

The phone fell into complete silence.

Eventually, Denise described her year on Hey Hey as a big opportunity which gave her a career resurgence. “In that way it was one of the best opportunities ever. Unfortunately it didn’t go well off the set. I didn’t seem to gel with Daryl off-camera, but that’s the way of the world.”

You can hear the full radio interview on Andy & Adrian’s Dollhouse here.

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