First Review: Wilfred

SBS’ newest comedy Wilfred is an anarchic little mutt -sort of a ‘Doggy Darko.’

Based on the short film by actor / writers Adam Zwar and Jason Gann, Wilfred is a “dog” (guy in dog suit) who belongs to “Sarah”. When she brings home “Adam” from a Powderfinger concert he is confronted by her bong-smoking pet.

Like the father of the bride, or possibly the ex-boyfriend, the cynical Wilfred gives “Adam” a good going over. He makes sure “Adam” knows who’s in charge around “Sarah’s” inner-city home, metaphorically pissing in his corner and calling the shots. “Adam” is so confronted by Wilfred’s abrasiveness that he pretty much falls into line, sharing a bong and watching a DVD of “Face Off” with the mutt.

There’s no explanation for why Wilfred is a guy in a dog suit, or why the character talks and acts human. But who cares? It’s a suspense of disbelief that works on it’s own four, or two, legs. Be warned, however, this dog drops the F and C word more than Naomi…

This isn’t fall-about comedy, but it doesn’t intend to be. It’s for those who are fed up with routine and safe comedies that fit neatly into network television. Borne of independent filmmaking, it’s nice to see Wilfred maintain a renegade air.

I can’t wait till some conservative radio hosts invariably dismiss it as “Uni humour on taxpayer money.”

Wilfred is decidedly Australian and perfectly SBS.

He deserves a decent walk-around the block.

Wilfred premieres 10pm Monday March 19 on SBS.


  1. Johhny Winnebago

    This show is absolutely brilliant and what a concept, the people who came up with this one, you are out there and I thank you for it.I hope that there is a follow up series.Wilfred now has a cult following and a fan club.

  2. Bloody love this show i think its a brilliant concept. For those who dismiss it because it doesn’t make sense, use some imagination and let your self have a laugh. Don’t think i have laughed so hard as when Wilfred is trying to catch the ducks at the pond by calling them over. Keep ’em coming SBS.

  3. Would like to announce the start of the Wilfred Fan Club, The South East Queensland division,All states should follow suite, what a dog,what a great way to start a Friday morning with a cup of coffee and a good giggle about wilfred and his latest escapade, Does anyone know when Wilfred will find true love??? Or will the Bong be his only true passion!

  4. Just started to watch it after i caught ad. on telly..Very FUNNY bout time we got something original and good on SBS for picking it up.. I’ll be watching every epesode from now on.. Keep up the good work and the laughs..

  5. This is BRILLIANT…please can you sell it to C4 or the BBC so I can see it in the UK. This is even better than Little Britain etc.I caught 1 episode during my recent vacation to Oz. Please please please send it over here, it will get a fantastic following in the UK I am sure.

  6. I love this show. Makes me laugh every week. How refreshingly original. It’s nice to see others having the same opinion. Congrats to the great cast and crew for a job well done. I hope it continues on after the first 8 episodes. Would love to see more of Wilfred.

  7. Its a terrific show im so glad its on air please keep it on we love wilfred and the cast and editor do the best work well done

  8. I agree completely with the review, i think its a great show and quite originally Australian.
    One of the few truelly original comedies out there.

  9. Having read a recent negative review in a national paper April 9, Wilfred clearly defines Australians as mainstream ignorant and those WHO GET IT!

    NAUGHTY BOY!!!!!!

  11. Wilfred has got to be HUGE. It can`t help but be–for it appeals to anyone who knows pets are people and anyone who can identify with the psychological warfare of being the ‘underdog’ This show highlights this to it`s brilliant best. There is so much in this multifaceted comedy/drama I watched it over and over to make sure I didn`t miss a thing. Can`t wait for next week.

  12. At last…. a comedy that does not fall within the modem of the current oh so predictable comedies. L-O-V-E-D Jason Gann- his superb acting carries the Aussie sociological perspective of this humour/drama to it`s outstanding best. Truly BRILLIANT

  13. You have to see this series to beleive it! The relationship between the dog and boyfriend is brilliant. It draws you into a sereal world.

    I love the scene where the dog is taking a crap in the backyard. He knows it’s embarassing when humans watch, but goes about his business just the same.

  14. O-M-G this is such a funny show!Scary though because I have felt ‘in competition’ with ex-Lover’s dogs before….and guess who ending up winning?!Love me love my dog!

  15. Great show. Its great that the reason Wilfred is a guy in a dog suit is not explained. Who cares – and it means that your average American would not get it. Hope the standard stays high for the whole series.

  16. After seeing Wilfred, I looked at my dog asleep on the floor and thought “That’s what goes through your mind”.
    I will be keeping a close eye on him in the future.
    Loved the show – vey smart and not like any comedy out there.

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