Invasion Iowa suckers an entire town

The residents of Riverside, Iowa, don’t know Shat.

But they sure know William Shatner by now.

The Star Trek legend managed to convince the citizens of a small American town that he was going to shoot an independent sci-fi movie that he had written on their home turf. And he wanted them to play minor roles and extras.

What he didnt tell was that he was shooting a reality series called Invasion Iowa for the producers of the fake reality show, The Joe Schmo Show. It’s about to air here on the Comedy Channel.

Riverside was the birthplace of Shatner’s fictional character, Captain Kirk.

With his Emmy in hand, Shatner rolls into town aided by his “spiritual advisor, leading lad, harried assistant and his nephew/body double.” So fooled by excitement of a Hollywood film, the townsfolk agree to almost anything. Shatner even asks the local priest if he can smash a stained glass window in the 100 year old church.

Invasion Iowa airs on The Comedy Channel Tuesday April 10 at 8:30pm.

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