It’s no Secret

Next Monday you can see Oprah introduce America to The Secret.

Devised (or is that packaged?) by Aussie Rhonda Byrne, it’s a philosophy supposedly showing you how to improve your life.

The basic principle is “Ask. Believe. Receive.” The phrases good karma or visualisation also spring to mind, but good luck to her.

Byrne was once a Nine producer for Sensing Murder, Loves Me Loves Me Not and World’s Greatest Commercials. Now she’s hit pay dirt on the talk circuit and Oprah is more thrilled by her than, well, Jamie Durie.

Byrne put her mantra into a documentary which Nine screened in a low-key Saturday timeslot last month. They might wanna re-think about an Encore (y’know, a repeat where people actually wanna see something again for real).

You can read more about The Secret in Wikipedia. and on Oprah.

The Oprah episode airs 1pm on Monday 19 and TEN has a follow-up episode on Tues 27th.

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