Mon Mar 12

[Seven/8:30pm] Desperate Housewives. SWEETHEART, I HAVE TO CONFESS. Susan professes her love for Ian. Gaby and Carlos try to rekindle their love. Bree is confronted with Orson’s past. Nora and Lynette go to war.
[Seven/9:30pm] Brothers and Sisters. FOR THE CHILDREN. The most private personal and business struggles of the Walker family are exposed as the seams of their fragile relationships begin to come apart at a benefit Nora forces them to go to every year.
[Seven/10:30pm] Boston Legal. FINE YOUNG CANNIBAL. Alan and Shirley defend a homeless man, on trial for eating his dead friend to stay alive. Alan’s pleas to Denny for permission to sleep with Shirley result in a bizarre contest. Denny helps Bethany in her first big settlement. Guest starring KATEY SAGAL.
[Seven/11:30pm] Scrubs. New Series. MY MIRROR IMAGE. J.D. addresses the news that he’s going to be a father. Dr. Cox is worried about how his anger is going to impact on his offspring. Carla and Turk prepare for the impending arrival of their new baby. Elliot feels left out because she’s childless. Series Six.
[Seven/12:00am Tue] Huff. RADIO SILENCE. Huff has become ill, both emotionally and physically, because of his relationship with Beth. Russell fails to keep a promise that he made to Kelly. Guest starring TOM SKERRITT.
[Seven/4:00am Tue] NBC Today Show. Cyndi Lauper performs.

[Nine/5:30pm] Bert’s Family Feud. Male vs Female Swimmers.
[Nine/7:30pm] What’s Good For You? Does exercise make you hungry..Slats works up a sweat, but will he work up an appetite? We all love a manicure, but have you ever wondered what’s lurking under your nails? Leila is horrified by the results. We all want to live longer but what’s the real secret to may be surprised. Is it safe to re-use plastic water bottles? Guest reporter Jessica Rowe discovers water isn’t as clean as it looks and Brooke tackles the painful problem of muscle cramps.
[Nine/8:30pm] 1 vs 100.
[Nine/9:30pm] CSI: NY. “People with money.”

[Ten/11:45pm] The Late Show With David Letterman

[ABC/8:00pm] Australian Story
[ABC/8:30pm] Four Corners How should Australians face the prospect of increasingly frequent megafires? Will firefighters have to change strategy? And how do we best manage the landscape to reduce fire risk?
[ABC/9:20pm] Media Watch
[ABC/9:35pm] Difference Of Opinion. We put to our panel of former senior defense personnel and strategic analysts the questions of Australia’s involvement in both Iraq and Afghanistan – when will be the right time to bring our troops home, how will we know we achieved our aims?

[SBS/7:30pm] Top Gear. Final. The Challenges Special – In tonight’s episode, the team have another look at some of their favourite most far-out challenges. With Jeremy, James and Richard being egged on by a studio audience, the seventh series features even more wild and wacky motoring feats. The series continues to test drive and brutally appraise the world’s most popular cars with startling honesty.
[SBS/9:00pm] Drawn Together. Final. Captain Girl – Hero tells the housemates his sidekick Captain Girl is dead and allows Wooldoor to become his new sidekick. But as Wooldoor tries to solve the mystery of his predecessor’s death, he discovers Captain Hero’s dark secret. Meanwhile Toot decides she wants to become a mother in order to solve her emotional problems, so Xandir and Clara give her a Nicaraguan baby to look after. (From the US, in English) (Animated Comedy Series) MA (A, S) CC WS
[SBS/11:05pm] Movie: Anatomie (Germany 2000)- Paula Henning is a clever young medical student from Munich who wins a place in a prestigious anatomy course at Heidelberg University. When a colleague turns up one day on her dissecting table with “rubbery” blood, Paula becomes curious and starts investigating. Her investigations lead to a clandestine medical society which carried out unethical research during the Third Reich. When another of her friends disappears, Paula realises that she too is in danger. Directed by Stefan Ruzowitsky and starring Franke Potente from Run Lola Run and Benno Fürmann. (From Germany, in German with English subtitles) (Thriller) (2000) (Rpt) M (V, L, S) WS
[SBS/12:50am Mon] Queer as Folk. It’s the annual King of Babylon contest – throwing everyone into speculation about who will enter, who has the best body and who will win. There are a few surprise entrants and the winner wins more than the title. (From the US, in English) (Drama Series) (Rpt) MA (L, S, A) WS CC

[Showtime/8:30pm] Love My Way. Double episode.

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