Rove returns to Sundays

Rove is comin’ back – to Sunday nights.

The Gold Logie winner will return from 8:30pm on Sunday April 1.

It’s a bold decision by Network TEN to try variety up against CSI and Grey’s Anatomy. But then TEN Was also first to dump Sunday movies, and variety works well elsewhere on Sundays (Australia’s Got Talent, Australian Idol) so why not?

Certainly Rove wasn’t working well in its tired old Tuesday timeslot.

Last year Rove Live tweaked the show to revitalise it, but the figures still hovered between 700,000 – 800,000 most weeks, lifting to a million when there was the odd Big Brother evictee.

Sadly Rove took time out from the business after the tragic death of his wife Belinda Emmett. Everyone in the industry rallied behind him, so it will be good to see him emerge and doing what he loves best.

Network Programmer David Mott said, “Our (meeting) was incredibly enlightening, but more importantly he gave me a lot of confidence about him going forward – there’s no doubt he is a great performer with enormous talent.”

He added that he didn’t expect the change to Sundays to have a radical impact but would build over time.

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