Thu Mar 15

[Ten/7:30pm] Jamie At Home. New Series. Jamie Oliver is doing what he does best – cooking, at home. He explains how easy it is to grow your own produce; sometimes in weird and wonderful ways. Also, how simple it is to make something around only one primary ingredient.
[Ten/8:30pm] Law & Order: S.V.U. “Underbelly.” After a third young teen is found dead, Stabler and Beck investigate a paw print tattoo on her lower back, which leads them to Broder House, a foster home for young girls.They learn that she had ended up working the street.
[Ten/9:30pm] Law & Order: Criminal Intent. “Country Crossover” Logan and Wheeler investigate the death of a hip-hop producer which is initially believed to be connected to his professional interests, but later the attention turns to his romantic interests.

[SBS/8:30pm] The Eagle: A Crime Odyssey. As the boundaries between international terrorism and organised crime become more and more blurred, Western nations find themselves increasingly threatened by violence and lawlessness on an unimaginable scale. In Denmark, a special unit is set up to fight international crime with links to similar teams across Scandinavia and around the world. On Thursday 15 March at 8.30pm, SBS Television will begin screening a new detective series, The Eagle: A Crime Odyssey. The Eagle is the code name for the charismatic detective Hallgrim Hallgrimsson (Jens Albinus). Called The Eagle for his unerring intuition, Hallgrimsson leads a team of crime fighters equipped with the most advanced technology and high-tech weapons. However his dynamic, self-assured and competent façade hides a tormented soul. The cases that he and his team tackle involve child pornography and the Israeli mafia in Berlin; a Congolese war criminal setting up shop in Europe; illegal arms trading within a respected corporation; and a suicide terrorist commando in Copenhagen. The cases are as varied as the international locations used in the series. The Eagle: A Crime Odyssey won the International Emmy for Best Drama in 2005. Creators Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe liken the character of Hallgrimsson to the mythical figure of Odysseus, whose travels not only lead him into danger but who also must wrestle with events from his past. The first episode sees Hallgrimsson, who is on his way to Iceland to visit his dying mother, called back to duty after a policeman is killed at Copenhagen airport. An anonymous English-speaking caller has told the police where to find the body and finished his call with one word – Jihad. Back in the capital, Thea Nullemann, the newly appointed Commissioner of Police is setting up a new section to fight crime on an international scale. The one person she wants on the team is Hallgrimsson.
Meanwhile, Sandberg, a well-known criminal identity, wins a court case and is about to leave Copenhagen airport on board his private jet. At his temporary command unit, Hallgrimsson slowly begins to fit the pieces of these seemingly disparate incidences together.

[SBS/10:00pm] The Mighty Boosh – Nanageddon – Vince persuades two Goth girls that he is a sorcerer and invites them to his house to prove it. In order to maintain the charade he persuades Howard to ‘Goth up’ and borrows Naboo’s book of Black Magic. To impress the girls, Vince summons a demon, which turns out to be a little old lady. Unimpressed, the girls leave, but then Vince and Howard realise the old lady has disappeared along with the book. When Naboo hears about it, he realises that it’s Nanatoo, the evilest demon known to man, and predicts blood on the street. (From the UK, in English) (Comedy Series) (Part 3) M (A, L) CC WS

[SBS/10:30pm] Anatomie 2 – A sequel to Anatomy, recently shown on SBS. Jo Hauser is an idealistic young intern who goes to work in a large hospital in Berlin. His goal is to find a cure for the muscle-wasting disease which afflicts his younger brother. He gets caught on an exhausting treadmill of work until he attracts the attention of Professor Muller-Larousse. Larousse is doing research on artificial muscles. Naturally Jo is interested and joins the professor’s special research group. Things hot up when the professor, who is desperate to get an edge on a rival research group, hounds his young doctors into getting more implants and testing more drugs. Slowly people’s bodies start to fall apart. And when one young doctor is found to have committed suicide and one is murdered, the scales finally fall from Jo’s eyes and he realises that he is in extreme danger. (From Germany, in German with English subtitles) (Thriller) MA (V, S, L) CC WS

[ABC/9:30pm] Derek Tastes Of Earwax. Looks at the bizarre condition Synesthesia – in which the senses become intermingled. Some people can actually hear colours, others can taste shapes, smell sounds and feel smells.

[Nine/7:30pm] Getaway.
[Nine/8:30pm] Missing Persons Unit
[Nine/9:30pm] The Footy Show. New Series.

[ABC/11:25pm] Live At The Basement : Wendy Matthews. Wendy Matthews recorded live at The Basement, Circular Quay, Sydney. Rpt.

[Seven/8:00pm] My Name is Earl. VAN HICKEY. While trying to make amends for kicking the lead singer out of his band, Earl unexpectedly comes to face to face with 51 on his list: slept with Ralph’s mom. Guest starring GIOVANNI RIBISI.
[Seven/8:30pm] Lost. THE COST OF LIVING. A delirious Eko wrestles with demons from his past, while Locke and some of the other castaways head back to The Pearl – one of the Dharma Initiative’s island stations – hoping to find a computer that they can use to locate Jack, Kate and Sawyer. Meanwhile, Jack doesn’t know whom to trust when two of ‘The Others’ seem at odds with one another.
[Seven/11:00pm] Starveillance. Using classic claymation and a very wild imagination, viewers will have a fly on the wall view of sorta-actual celebrity events. In this episode, get the inside look as Linsday Lohan is confronted about her issues and witness the on going feud between Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks.
[Seven/11:30pm] Stargate Atlantis. CONVERSION. A mission goes wrong when Sheppard begins transforming into a Wraith after being attacked. The Atlantis team races against time to reverse the conversion.

[31/10:30pm] Studio Q. We preview several of the films in the leadup to the festival, which opens this Thursday night. Then we chat with a couple of local film directors: John Richards talks about the making of his short film ‘Outland’, a comedy about the romantic perils of being a closeted sci-fi fan. It’s made locally and stars some of Melbourne’s best known gay performers (ie Adam Richards, Anthony Menchetti, Scott Brennan, etc). Then director Adrian Francis talks about his biographical film ‘Aly M’, in which Aly, a young Australian Muslim lesbian, tries to reconcile her opposing lives and beliefs. Aly herself is also on hand to give her insights into the making of the film.

[Arena/7:30pm] Dirty Dancing.

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