TT Producer denies Corby claims

Statement from Craig McPherson, executive producer of Today Tonight.

The latest claims of Mercedes Corby in today’s press probably warrant little further comment. They are a complete fabrication, without foundation and plainly just stupid and offensive.

As we pointed out to newspaper journalists covering the story late yesterday: yes, we did track her down, and yes, we used a well-credentialled private investigator to assist in that process. But neither we nor the private investigator, Colin Chapman, used Liz O’Neill’s name.

We are saddened that Mercedes Corby has decided to concoct a story that is plainly wrong and use the name of a victim of the recent air crash in Indonesia to somehow make a point which cannot be supported by facts.

We are saddened by the fact that Ms O’Neill’s name has been dragged by Mercedes Corby into all this. We can only assure Ms O’Neill’s family that we believe Ms Corby’s claims are hurtful and without merit.


  1. Susan - Brisbane

    Me, my family & friends think the witch hunt on shappelle that channel 7 has been carrying out is shamelful & disgraceful indication of how low the media will really go for publicity and I’m surprised channel 7 would indulge in such appauling actions. We used to watch CHANNEL 7 NEWS, but wont watch it anymore.

    It’s funny some people you speak to say that the corbys were envolved in drugs in the past, that “they heard they were the biggest dealers” or “they were well known for that”, but I haven’t met one person that bought drugs from them, they only know it through someone that knows someone, more hearsay again not based on facts. Just like the interviews that channel 7 have been persuing in their witchhunt against shappelle.

    Jodie power does look & certainly sound unstable and I do believe that grub channel 7 private investigator lured Mercecedes in the way she said.

    What do you get out of all this channel 7, your hearsay rumors are not helping the corbys’ in the long term they wont make you any more popular.

    You may think you’ve damaged her reputation by your actions, but yours is being damaged just as much at the same time.

  2. I think what your tv show has done to the corby family is so wrong and full of lies. The private investigtor the way that he went about wanting to meet Mercedes and what he said to her was so wrong and full of lies Mercedes has just given birth to a baby for crying out loud leave the family alone they have been through enough they are just normal people trying to get on with their lives so leave them alone and stop the lieing it really really sucks to now that a tv show lies through there teeth

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