Wed Mar 14

[Movie Greats/6:40pm] Movie: The Main Event (US 1979)

[Movie Extra/8:30pm] Movie: Standing in the Shadow of Motown (US 2002).

[Biography/9:30pm] Danny Bonaduce
[Biography/10:15pm] TV-Ography. The Partridge Family.

[ABC/5:25pm] Monster Warriors
[ABC/8:00pm] The New Inventors. James O’Loughlin uncovers the latest ingenious Australian inventions: The Lullabub self-rocking cradle; The Gem Solution for expansion and control joint finishes; and the Safebreak gate latch for electric fences.
[ABC/8:30pm] Spicks & Specks. The world of music exposed like never before. Comedian Adam Hills leads two teams through different rounds of music-related riddles and games.
[ABC/9:00pm] Extras. An hilarious episode in which a desperate Andy tries his hand at theatre as a means to offset his poor TV reviews. Only he winds up in a fringe gay play being directed by Sir Ian McKellan. You’ll squirm with recognition as he fumbles his way through the arty two-hander. It’s like every bad gay play you’ve ever seen.
[ABC/9:35pm] The Worst Week Of My Life : Friday. After a tense meeting at work it seems that Mel’s big day has arrived early! Is it time to meet Baby Steel? CAST: Ben Miller
[ABC/10:05pm] At The Movies. Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton take us into the world of cinema. RAZZLE DAZZLE – Australian mocumentary about the kids competitive dance world – starring Kerry Armstrong. HOT FUZZ + interviews with Director Edgar Wright and actor Simon Pegg. BRA BOYS – doco on Maroubra’s infamous Bra Boys, narrated by Russel Crowe. LAST KISS – starring Zac Braff and Rachel Bilson.

[Nine/7:00pm] Temptation. Tony Barber and Alyce Platt host!
[Nine/7:30pm] McLeod’s Daughters.
[Nine/8:30pm] Cold Case. “Static”
[Nine/9:30pm] Without a Trace. “The Damage Done.”

[Seven/7:30pm] SCU: Serious Crash Unit
[Seven/8:00pm] Police Files – Unlocked ‘Cc’
[Seven/8:30pm] Heroes. Chapter Seven ‘Nothing To Hide’. I wish this show would hurry up and connect the dots together, or more specifically, the characters. Watching all these disparate threads is starting to lose my interest. Every hero has some plodding character scenes laden with spooky secrecy added with their moment of glory. But to what end? How much longer until they join up and lock horns with a villain, human or otherwise?
[Seven/9:30pm] Prison Break. BURIED. The escapees find the hidden treasure, but Sucre has other plans. An anxious Lincoln risks everything to get to LJ, but LJ grows wary about the easy getaway. Kellerman rethinks where his loyalties lie after Sara gets to The Company’s hit list. Mahone puts Tweener to the ultimate test. Guest starring JOHN HEARD and DIANA SCARWID.
[Seven/10:30pm] 24

[Ten/12:00pm] Strong Medicine. Series Return. “Positive Results”
[Ten/8:30pm] House. “Que Sera Sera.” The team encounters logistical problems while trying to run tests on a 600-pound man due to his extremely large size. Meanwhile, House spends the night in jail after being arrested for various charges, including resisting arrest.
[Ten/9:30pm] Medium. “The Whole Truth.” Allison is called to help Devalos investigate the shocking death of a well-respected congressman, but instead of reaching clues about his murder she keeps getting visions of a young boy trapped in a well.

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  1. EXTRAS:

    I listened to your recommendation last week, David, and watched that episode of Extras. You said it was the funnyiest yet … I watched, I waited, I didn’t laugh at all except when Ronnie Corbet appeared, then I never laughed again! How can anyone say that this show or Ricky Watshisname is funny??? Has to be the most overrated “comedy” on TV and Ricky deserves a BAFTA award for the most boring person on TV. It is not funny!


    Be patient, there were a couple of slow episodes early on but it just keeps getting better and builds up to an explosive mid-season episode 11 … they had a six week mid season break in America … then things remain very engaging after that.

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