BB strips cash prize

Big Brother producers have told a Sydney newspaper that there will be no cash prize this year.

With the housemates in lockdown and unaware of the announcement, the network has told of a devious plan to remove the cash prize, plus eviction night car giveaways, from the kitty.

Actually it’s a nice idea, as it will mean people no longer modify their behaviour in order to win the prize. That’s assuming BB sticks to his guns. But I’m guessing he won’t.

Why? The truth may lie in the detail. According to the Daily Telegraph the executive producer Tim Toni said, “We are launching series seven with no prize money for the winner.” Meaning, we’re still within our rights to add it later?

Or maybe it’s gold bullion.

There will still be some pot of gold at the end of a very long rainbow, designed if not for the benefit of the winner, then for the audience.

There would be nothing sadder than the downward momentum of a very long series and TEN knows this. But it’s a nice twist that they will milk for a long time.

BB watch.


  1. OK, I see, a few “hotties” to get us watching and then a lot of “interesting” people that will actually make it compelling to watch … good idea!
    I remember last year when I visited the UK they had this gay guy who very obviously had the hots for a supposedly straight housemate … they were inseperable and it was fascinating. Also the one who dressed in drag was in the house that year.
    Farmer Dave was the only thing that kept me watching the Aussie one last year.

  2. Casting is crucial in BB and we have seen lame years when the groupings were uninspired.

    I have no problem with “un-pretty” people, and many of the most interesting characters have been those you wouldn’t see on the front of a glossy mag. I mean a tribe of pretty, bland people? No thanks.

    The UK casting has been far more adventurous and our shows have always trailed along behind. Imagine the conflict you would get from middle aged people living with younger. Or more ethnic contrasts.

    Invariably its about a mix. There’s bound to be pretty ones, but perhaps the pendulum has swayed more in the other direction this year.

  3. yeah yeah yeah… didn’t they try n pull this stunt years back! They will for sure give the money and prizes, how else will the sponsors show off their products and services… What a load of crap!!

    I also agree with Jack, I ain’t watchin for a bunch of fuglies… Only good lookin people keep it interesting!!

  4. It’s a great move for this series to see the reactions on eviction nights and will be compelling tv to see the behavior inside the house during the week in relation to the money. But it kind of wrecks any chance for recruitment of housemates in subsequent years. Maybe 2007 is the last BB?

  5. No prize at the end … what a great idea … it will help to make the “inmates” act more like their real selves, I think. I do get tired of all the pretending and “under the radar” carry on each year …
    I am still troubled that the “inmates” may not be as attractive as other years … it will put many off watching, I think.

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