BB’s full house twist

This weekend Big Brother 7 famously kicks off. As usual it is recorded on Saturday evening for broadcast on the Sunday -despite Channel Ten toying with the word “LIVE” in its guide. Frankly it’s about as live as an episode of Bert’s Family Feud. Pre-record means pre-record.

The Sunday papers will no doubt have leaks on the show, partly driven by publicists and partly as ambush journalism.

Once again the first nominations are on Monday week, meaning the Sunday episode on April 29 needs an idea to keep the show fresh. There is no eviction this night.

So TEN has a twist in mind…

That episode will be as follows:

Sunday 7:30pm April 29
Big Brother: Full House
Big Brother has introduced you to the housemates, but just one week in, who would have thought he’d pull this trick! A special episode of Big Brother that will make you realise that he means business.

It doesn’t take much to see that one of the first twists in BB’s master plan will be revealed in this episode. However, maybe this is just where he tells them there is no cash prize.

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  1. Given that the general public already knows that there’s no prize money this year, it’s likely that the housemates will be told during the premiere, because it will be virtually impossible for the producers to stop the audience from somehow letting the housemates know about the prize money. That’s my guess, anyway 🙂

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