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Australia’s worst drivers are being put the test in a new reality show, Last Chance Learners, coming to the Seven Network.

Hosted by Mike Whitney, it will air at 7:30pm on Wednesday April 18.

The drivers in this series have all held their licenses for years -several of them for durations of 11, 14 and 17 years! They have collectively spent over $100,000 in lessons! Crazy.

I’ve had a sneak peek at the series and the brief scenes I saw showed some very scary people behind the wheel.

The drivers are divided into two teams, Biggest Loser-like, and paired with Driving Instructors. If they can pass their license in 30 days they each win a new car.

The drivers all represent differing backgrounds in age, ethnicity, gender and experience. I’m sure Seven is hoping the format is so extreme it will grab viewers.

Let you know more once I have sighted a full episode.

Press Release:

The country’s worst learner drivers go back to school.

The exciting new program Last Chance Learners, which follows the desperate attempts of 10 of Australia’s worst drivers to pass their driving test, premieres tonight.

Between them, these 10 wanna-be drivers have had 68 driving instructors and spent more than $100,000 on driving lessons.

After years of driving failure, this is the last point of call for our desperate learners and the Last Chance Learners Driving School, where the motto Per Ardua ad Licentiam – through adversity to a licence – takes on life-altering meaning.

At the Last Chance Learners Driving School, the drivers will be separated into two teams and under the tuition of two of the country’s top driving instructors they’ll compete against each other in weekly challenges.

They’ll face their first challenge tonight when they are seated behind the wheel of a manual car – many for the first time ever – and tested on their (lack of) driving abilities.

But there’s a great incentive for the learner drivers to buckle down and try hard at school – with each driver who passes their test in 30 days driving away in a brand new car.

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