Jericho return gone in a flash

TEN’s plans to return the remaining season of Jericho next week have gone up in smoke.

Originally scheduled for 9:30pm on Friday April 27, it is now on hold while Pussycat Dolls: Search for the Next Doll moves from Sunday nights.

Replacing the Pussycat Dolls will be a Sunday movie, American Pie 3: The Wedding.

As yet there is no word on the return of Jericho but with this fallout clearly the outlook isn’t for blue skies just yet.

This week Pussycat Dolls rated a lousy 733,000 compared to CSI: MIami’s 1.3m. What About Brian only had 865,000. Yet TEN still managed to boast that it was the network’s best Sunday performance this year. Obviously, despite such trumpeting, it’s one they’re not happy enough with.

With a good crowd for Rove (1.2m) there was a big turn-off factor. Any why not? The show is little more than a boob-fest.

Last year TEN crowed about Jericho screening simultaneously with the US, and it was a move I applauded. But since the show returned in the US in February, it leaves Australian viewers in a nuclear winter.

The 4400 is screening at 4am on Saturdays. Let’s wait and see what TEN decides….

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  1. I think your original suggestion of putting Jerico on at Tuesdays at 9.30 is a good one. Certainly would make the schedule a little more interesting than Numbers.

  2. Good on you Channel 10, up to your usual tricks … no wonder you are loosing! Stop stuffing your viewers around!
    Still, I think JERICHO is now “last year’s model” and we have moved on to HEROES etc now …

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