Kevin-Anne Kennerley

The Opposition Leader for Television Appearances, Kevin Rudd, yesterday stood down from his long association with Sunrise.

But he’s about to co-host Mornings with Kerri-Anne tomorrow.

Can’t let an opportunity go by.

Rudd has ended his Friday chats on Sunrise which he has been doing for years after it had become a negative rather than a positive.

Seven released a statement on the exit saying:

We have heard this morning from both Kevin Rudd and Joe Hockey – who’ve been speaking overnight.

They’ve decided it’s no longer possible to continue as regular weekly guests on Sunrise.

They point to their long standing friendship and their now senior positions they hold in opposing parties.

They’ve both thanked Sunrise viewers for the opportunity to speak candidly every week.

We at Sunrise understand their decision. Politics can sometimes be a nasty game and it was never the intention of the segment to get bogged down in that.

As such, we thank them both for their contribution and respect their decision.

The words Long Tan, Vietnam and Dawn Service are nowhere to be seen.

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