More amendments: Nanny, Earl, Mother.

A few more changes to schedule today that are worth a mention (and frankly most aren’t).

Nine seems to have taken ownership of The Nanny from TEN, and will air it from the Pilot episode at 11:30am weekdays from Monday April 30. Dr Phil is replaced by one hour of Fresh Cooking with AWW.

Seven also has a one week change next Thursday evening, resting How I Met Your Mother and My Name is Earl which will be held over for Air Crash Investigations. This will push back Lost, Amazing Race and most of the evening by a further 10 minutes.

Mother and Earl will return the week after.

The Nanny will replace the old Fresh Cooking slot. Mornings are becoming generally more nostalgic, what with Seven bringing Moonlighting back to our screens.

Still at least they are bringing good stuff back.


  1. An hour of Fresh Cooking with AWW that really sucks, I can see why though it always appears to be going overtime anyway, but 30 mins of that show is just painful these days.

    And I’m not going to go buy AWW for the recipes so I can’t be bothered to try and get them while watching..

    I like The Nanny but I’ve seen all the episodes 100 times previous, why can’t they give us something new.

  2. Oh Dear! Sorry David. Why didn’t you say. I feel bad, I am sooo sorry, OMG!! Please forgive me. I feel really bad now, I have called you Dave for ages.

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