Red Carpet fashion police

Jules Lund, Livinia Nixon and Jackie O will host Nine’s Red Carpet Arrivals at the Logie Awards.

I’ve never been a fan of the fashion stakes at these things, although I have twice hosted radio spots on the Red Carpet. In fact the year that the Logies had a White Carpet I raided it with a BYO red carpet rug just to make myself stand-out. That worked so well that last year I took a pink one (well Pink was a guest after all).

Anyway the Arrivals certainly rates through the roof (damn you female viewers!) so maybe I better start brushing up on my “Who Are You Wearing?” delivery.

Last year it was all Catriona Rowntree and Jessica Rowe. This year it’s three blondes, only one of whom I have much time for. Jackie O, in case you hadn’t heard, is now in the Nine camp.

At least it means no more Australian Princess.

Logie Watch.

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