Rove from the heart

Ten’s Rove McManus has spoken publicly for the first time about losing his wife Belinda Emmett.

Rove told the Herald-Sun how he had considered calling his TV career quits, admitting the time “off the treadmill” made him ponder whether he wanted a return to commercial television.

He spoke candidly about Belle as his inspiration and his plans to release the album of songs she was working on last year. He described her as an inspiration and a fighter.

Tonight Rove returns to TEN in a new night, new timeslot, new studio, new title change (the “Live” is dropped) and new regulars including Hamish and Andy and Dave Hughes. Launched in the non-ratings Easter period, TEN is giving the new format every chance, but has stated they expect Sunday variety to be a gradual shift for viewers.

He told the Herald-Sun he was re-energised, saying, “Obviously I have had the time that I needed. I have thought about it and I do want to be back and I know it is something that she would want me to do,” he said.

Chookas, Rove!

Herald-Sun interview

He also spoke candidly to the Sydney Morning Herald.

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  1. Don’t like Rove, never found his show able to keep my attention for very long … and I hate Dave Hughes so that doesn’t help either. I think Rove is overrated as a show and as a performer … sorry! He’s definitely never going to be an international success …

  2. Funny that, I was the opp, I liked the history intro of the guest. Its sort of good if you dont know who the hell they are? Toni Collette? Lucky for the intro to inform us of who she is.
    Oh, and I wouldnt take him home to mum Dave, I’d just take him home.

  3. Yes I thought it was a nice return. His opening thankyou address was genuinely delivered. It reminded me why Rove is the guy everybody wants to take home to mum. The show settled in nicely with his familiar and knockabout humour. The Law and Order music was fun, although the cheeky poolside ambush didn’t really go anywhere.

    However the only new introduction I didn’t warm to was the graphic and voiceover intro for guests. Reinventing the wheel here was a bit unnecessary. And what the… no What The?

    Running overtime was a bit ironic, but what the hey, Rove is back and we’re better for it.

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