Wed Apr 18

[Seven/7:30pm] Last Chance Learners. Premiere.
[Seven/8:30pm] Heroes. CHAPTER TWELVE ‘GODSEND’. Nathan’s determination to save a comatose Peter forces him to turn to Simone for help. Isaac’s puzzling painting inspires Hiro and Ando. Jessica struggles against Niki’s decision. With Matt on his heels, H.R.G. tries to focus on his orders regarding Sylar. Suresh attempts to share information about who is on ‘the list’. Guest starring CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON and CLEA DUVALL.
[Seven/9:30pm] Prison Break. DISCONNECT. Sara breaks free from her tormentor. Aldo makes his peace with Michael but pays the ultimate price. Michael and Lincoln decide to stop running and take a final stand against their pursuers. .
[Seven/10:30pm] 24. 8:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.Jack and Doyle head up field operations while tracking Gredenko and Fayed, and the Vice President’s decision sends shockwaves through his administration. Guest starring RICK SCHRODER.

[ABC/8:30pm] Spicks And Specks
[ABC/9:00pm] The Chaser’s War On Everything
[ABC/9:35pm] The Catherine Tate Show. DI Angie Barker’s kids accompany her to the crime scene where a prostitute has been murdered, and Derek is offended to be offered Gay Pride tickets at a book/record shop. Partygoer Allie meets a man with a birthmark and a woman with a speech impediment. Una Stubbs is an indiscreet receptionist at Trudy and Ivan’s wig emporium. Lauren tries out the running machine at the gym, and Nan Taylor has had a nasty fall and is in hospital. Needless to say, she’s complaining about everything.
[ABC/10:05pm] At The Movies. Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton take us into the world of cinema.COPYING BEETHOVEN It is Vienna, 1824. Beethoven – brilliantly played by Ed Harris – is racing to finish his new symphony. However, it has been years since his last success and he is plagued by deafness, loneliness and personal trauma. A copyist is urgently needed to help the composer finish in time for the scheduled first performance. Insightful young conservatory student and aspiring composer Anna Holtz (Diane Kruger) is recommended for the position. The mercurial Beethoven is skeptical that a woman might become involved in his masterpiece but slowly comes to trust in Anna’s assistance and her ability to make him feel inspired again. HALF NELSON – Dan Dunne (Ryan Gosling) teaches history in a Brooklyn junior high, where his deviation from the standard curriculum (into areas of politics, philosophy & life) make him more popular with his students than with the school’s principal. Sharp and engaging in class, Dan struggles with his own demons in his personal life. The fragile separation between his two worlds finally breaks down when he’s discovered collapsed in the school’s locker room by a thirteen-year-old student (Shareeka Epps). What follows is an unexpected friendship, but one which is very believable, thanks in no small part to the terrific performances of Epps, wonderfully understated as the old head on vulnerable young shoulders, and the auspiciously talented Gosling, simply heartbreaking as the idealist hell-bent on self destruction. ROCK THE BELLS – A definitive document of contemporary Hip Hop culture, Rock The Bells is the story of the 2004 Rock The Bells festival in San Bernardino, California. Personifying the fierce independence and Do-It-Yourself spirit of the Hip Hop generation, entrepreneur Chang Weisberg puts everything (his reputation, his sanity, his family, his mortgage) on the line for his impossible dream of reuniting genre superstars and notorious no-shows The Wu-Tang Clan. Furiously paced and rich with multiple narratives, Rock The Bells follows Weisberg and his guerilla production team as they fight for the arrival of all nine Wu-Tang members, battle broken equipment and overwhelmed security, attempt to control the riotous crowd in the over-heated, overcrowded venue anddeliver the history-making show they have promised. Also featuring performances by Redman, Dilated Peoples, MC Supernatural, Sage Francis, Eyedea + Abilities, Chali 2na and DJ NuMark. Rock The Bells is directed and produced by Casey Suchan and Denis Henry Hennelly, the team behind Hip Hop documentary hits Beef, Beef 2, Thug Angel, and The Freshest Kids. THE REAPING – A former Christian missionary (Hillary Swank) who lost her faith after her family was tragically killed, has since become a world-renowned expert in disproving religious phenomena. But when she investigates a small Louisiana town that is suffering from what appear to be the Biblical plagues, she realizes that science cannot explain what is happening and she must regain her faith to combat the dark forces threatening the community. SHOOTER – Based on Stephen Hunter’s novel “Point of Impact”, Shooter centres on Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg), a former Marine scout sniper and disgruntled American hero who thought he had walked away from the job forever after a devastating betrayal. Found living in self-exile in the Arkansas wilderness, Swagger is approached by his former associates and persuaded to help prevent an assassination. Subsequently double-crossed and framed for the presidential assassination he was trying to prevent, he is forced to go on the run while trying to track down the real killer and discover the truth about who betrayed him.

[Ten/7:30pm] The Truth About Size Zero. Louise Redknapp discovers first hand the dangers and current obsession of being stick thin. She undertakes an extreme crash diet and exercise plan, in an attempt to drop two dress sizes within 30 days
[Ten/8:30pm] House. “Finding Judas” House takes the case of a young girl who has been diagnosed with pancreitis. When her parents deny treatment, House takes her divorced parents to court to force them to allow it.
[Ten/9:30pm] The Ultimate Donation. Shows how the often tragic death of one person can result in organ transplants which can bring the precious gift of life to as many as six people

[Nine/7:30pm] McLeod’s Daughters.
[Nine/8:30pm] Cold Case. Fireflies.
[Nine/9:30pm] Without A Trace. “All the Sinners, Saints.”

[SBS/7:30pm] Eco House Challenge – Water Torture – For twenty-four hours both families have lived without energy, water, transport or waste removal, and now, Glenn arrives to turn their water hotspot back on and set a sustainable reduction level. With the water challenge in place, it’s time for Eco Coach Tanya Ha to start her coaching and she quickly zeros in on the families’ un-eco behaviour. Both the Edwards and the Shepherds must apply strict water rations to pass the water challenge and see their next hotspot returned. (Commissioned by SBSi, in English) (Documentary Series) G CC WS
[SBS/8:30pm] Dateline – Iran’s all-female taxi service – The West may have female-only gyms but Iran has a female-only taxi service. Bronwyn Adcock reports on the success of this venture, where women can travel in ‘tension-free’ comfort. An International current affairs program, presented by George Negus. (An SBS Production, in English) CC WS
[SBS/10:00pm] Movie: The Far Side Of The Moon – A nerdy, forty-something doctoral student, Philippe, works at a call centre while immersed in his thesis on the philosophy of scientific culture and how space exploration is motivated by narcissism. He is hit hard by the death of his mother after a long and painful illness. His relationship with his younger and successful brother, André, a gay TV weatherman seemingly unconcerned with anything save the trivial, is painfully difficult. They attempt to rectify this. Directed by Robert Leplage, and stars Robert Leplage and Marco Poulin (From Canada, in French Canadian, English and Russian) (2003) (Drama) M CC
[SBS/1:15am Thu] Drawn Together – Eight animated characters are drawn together to put up with each other, Big Brother reality television-style. Tonight, Xandir, who is on a never-ending quest to save his girlfriend, is upset when it’s suggested that he’s actually gay and that it’s time to admit it. (From the UK, in English) (Animated Comedy Series) (Rpt) MA (A,S) CC WS

[Ovation/8:30pm] Masterclass: An Audience with Filmmakers. Jack Thompson.

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