Catch-Up vs Dr. Phil

The Catch-Up is moving from 1pm to 12pm from Monday.

In one of its most significant adjustments from the Nine Network, the show will go head to head with TEN’s Dr Phil, the show which used to precede it on the same network.

McLeod’s Daughters reruns will shift from 12pm to 1pm.

The change is one of many that have occurred for Nine’s lunchtime viewers who have seen scheduling alterations including The Nanny reruns for 2 weeks and Fresh extended from 30 to 60 minutes then back to 30 again. More changes than The Young and the Restless had in a lifetime?

Of course relinquishing the live 1pm timeslot could create an interesting opportunity for Seven as they consider greenlighting Naomi Robson’s new afternoon project…

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  1. I’m not a fan of either show, but I would choose Dr Phil anyday. Gee, look at all the trouble that Nine has gone through getting rid of Y&R. They commissioned a new talk show, they bought the rights to an old sitcom, and for what? Bloody fartwads; the lot of them.

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