Gone: Hell’s Kitchen?

It wasn’t on last night, it’s on next week, but the week after (June 12) Hell’s Kitchen will be replaced by a rerun of Comedy Inc.

So it probably means the show is pulled permanently. Goodbye Gordon F*kn’ Ramsay (he was the swearer, not me).

It’s getting hard to keep up with Nine’s amendments.

And there are more changes from Nine which will flip the planned Antiques Roadshow / Bargain Hunt hour at 5-6pm next week to the same shows in reverse. Bargain Hunt picks up from Series 4 with host Tim Wonnacott.

The switch means National Nine News will now have AR as its lead in. Certainly a point of difference to Deal or no Deal.

Oh and Two and a Half Men is back -sort of.

There will be a repeat screening of “Can You Feel My Finger” episode at 11:30pm on Saturday June 16. It’s a Series 1 episode, and we were briefly in Series 3 when Nine pulled the sitcom off air this month.

UPDATE 5 / 6: Hell’s Kitchen no longer on tonight. Replaced with Comedy Inc already.

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  1. I agree with all coments posted
    as a pasrty chef, kells kitchen shows people how demaning a commercal kitchen can be, i know there not all like that.
    But it’s a great show and i don’t know about anyone else, i’ve seen some pritty cool stuff on it.
    I give win tv -10/10, for the quality of there tv programing. Its not worth spitting on
    bring it back

  2. I can’t believe that wedding crashers the movie was on rather than Hell’s Kitchen. You have a regular show with regular watchers probably only weeks from finishing and you use the timeslot for a once off movie? I find this ridiculous behaviour. Channel 9 – Are you saving Hell’s Kitchen for another timeslot later on?

  3. it’s sad that I have to search the web to find out that my favourite T.V Hell’s Kitchen has been taken off. WTF how can they justify playing halfway through a series & then it just disappears without explaination. Either run the entire series of something or don’t run it at all. Thats f**ked getting ppl hooked on watching something and then taking it away

  4. In the words of the great Gordan Ramsey “What the f#*! are you doooinng?”…this is one of the funniest and most entertaining programs on television. Just slap an adults only warning on it and bring it back! That may not be the right solution, I don’t work in TV so I don’t know, but at least I’m throwing some ideas out there…it’s called brain-storming; so how how bout you grow a brain and do a bit channel 9 instead of just pissing people off. It’s on that late at night that only people who like seeing Gordan go ballistic will make the effort to stay up and watch it so what the hell is the problem? (“Hell’s Kitchen will not be shown tonight but here’s some boring shit for you to watch instead!”) How hard is it to at least notify the audience?? Get your act together channel 9.

  5. I too am annoyed. I work as an apprentice chef. Tuesday is the one night I get home at 10,30 pm to let of some steam and see someone else getting slammed. A great stress relief to know Im not the only one with my balls in a vice. Know its gone, no warning no consideration no customer satisfaction. I hope the producers dine in a shonky restaurant and get a bowl full of ecoli and throw up for an hour every thursday, as I miss my little slice of enjoyment.

  6. Ive had enough of channel nine doing whatever they want. I was all comfortable on tuesday night ready for hells kitchen to start. Then boom underbelly comes on instead. What the!!!!!!!!!! I mean at least let the public know, even in the tv guide in the paper on the weekend, they had in printed down to come on tuesday night. Its a joke really. Channel nine ive always hated you, now this just ices the cake. How can underbelly be more suitable then someone that just swears occasionally. So they are basically saying porn is more suitable and okay with the public then someone who swears? Come on give us a break!

  7. What the hell do you think you are doing Ch 9??? As if anyone would rather watch repeats of a lame show than something new that we haven’t seen before. I am so angry you have taken it off you have No Idea! I’m never going to watch Channel 9 again unless you come to your senses and put it back on !!!!!

  8. Yes he swears but to say thats all he can do is a little low. Best chief by a mile. Restaurants around the world. Think its not just swearing thats earning him money!!!!

  9. What would happen in real (not reality) life if a guy like Gordon Ramsay shows up to any of the restaurants he normally “works” with? At least, he’ll be jailed.

    He made, so far, 135 million thanks to a lot of people who enjoy watching a poor guy with no talent at all doing the only thing he can do: swear.

  10. Yea Channel 9 is a whore house, I was rather upset this was pulled. Especially for crap like Comedy Inc. Australian broadcasting is a disgraceful abomination of god’s will and may he have mercy on us all.

  11. I am writing this for my boyfriend because he is a chef and mightily pissed off that Channel 9 has pulled this series. It was the only thing he actually enjoyed watching and he has vowed not to watch 9 again until they put it back on (not that he’ll be missing much as Channel 9 doesn’t have anything rating anywhere in the Top 10 anyway…) He suggests that perhaps Gordon Ramsey should run Channel 9 instead – he certainly couldn’t do any worse.

  12. Aargh! And TV execs wonder why some of us just download shows rather than wait for them to yank it mid season?

    Episode 1 was great, especially with the lines “stop standing around like a muffin” and “you two need to get back to plastic surgery.” Episode 2 was okay, but still I wanted to see the

    When are they going to show Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares again? We’re still a season or so behind. One of the best shows on TV.

  13. Yea, Gordon is awsome. he knows how to run a Kitchen. He reminds me of an Army Corpral I knew. Love to see those newbies squirm hehe. Best show on (was) 🙁
    “Bring it back now you sorry sacks of $h1t” Thanks Gordon, well said.

  14. I love Gordon Ramsay! He is an amazing guy! Holds down several shows. The Hells on 9 was way old anyways, no.3 is about to begin and looking very much foward to it!

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