Hi5’s new Sun light

When Hi-5 returns in June they will introduce their newest member, Sun Park.

Current member Kathleen deLeon Jones will step aside for the ninth series to have her baby, allowing Park to take her place. Children around Australia will learn of Kathleen’s maternal plans when they tune in on Monday June 11 (I’m guessing the finer details will be left to their imaginations!).

When the series ends she will return with her new baby, Mikayla.

Hi-5 is now seen in 118 countries around the world.

Press Release:

The ninth series from multi-Logie award-winning, international children’s sensation, Hi-5, with their new friend Sun Park, will return to air on the Nine Network from Monday, June 11 at 3.30pm weekdays.

The new series opens with Kathleen deLeon Jones announcing her pregnancy and introducing new Hi-5 friend Sun Park who will be looking after her space and exploring puzzles and patterns.

The series end is rounded off when Kathleen returns to the screen with her new bundle of joy, Mikayla.

Focusing on education and positive messages, Hi-5 makes learning fun for 2-8 year olds using
music, colours, shapes, words and physical activity. This is all brought to life by Hi-5’s five young,vibrant presenters.

• Sun Park works with puzzles and patterns
• Nathan Foley explores shapes and spaces
• Kellie Hoggart introduces word play
• Tim Harding makes music and
• Charli Delaney gets your body up and moving

“We are extremely proud of Hi-5’s success locally and internationally. In today’s saturated childrens market, it is a massive achievement to have nine years worth of quality programming that is not only entertaining but also educational. Following another amazing New Zealand tour, we are glad to have the cast back in Australia for a fresh fun new series of Hi-5,” said Channel Nine’s Director of Commercial Development, Martin Hersov.

Clocking up over 3000 Songs of the Week and Songlets in a massive 390 episodes since their
inception nine years ago, Hi-5 now airs in over 118 countries globally.

“In our ninth series it is great to see Hi-5 still evolving and maintaining its relevance and freshness, not only in Australia but in many countries around the world,” said Creator and Executive Producer, Helena Harris. “This series really takes the lid off imagination and is bursting with variety, great songs and action. And of course kids will be learning along the way.”

In addition, as Healthy Active Ambassadors, appointed by the Australian Government, Hi-5 will be promoting good health for our kids. Hi-5 stays true to its original messages of encouraging children to enjoy being active through dance, movement and play and to eat lots of good food that’s not only yummy but makes you strong and healthy too.

Hi-5 Series 9 commences Monday, June 11 at 3:30pm on Channel Nine.

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