Molloy’s second Nation

Mick Molloy will get his second shot at his own show on the Nine Network when The Nation premieres at 9:30pm Tuesday June 5.

Last time Molloy had his own Nine show he urinated on the set (hilarious).

Since then the comedian has had success with his film Crackerjack and last year released Boytown. So has he mellowed?

Molloy has shot at least two audience-attended pilots with other comics like Stephen Curry and Fifi Box, but some rumours suggest Box has not signed to the show.

Nine describes the show as:

The Nation – a topical news-based comedy programme that takes a humorous look at the week’s events. Host Mick Molloy will be joined at the newsdesk by a semi-regular roster of some of Australia’s finest comic talent as they take apart politics, current events, sports and entertainment.

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  1. How revolting! Molloy is a moron, totally unamusing and the entire circus will be a total waste of time and money … give a show to someone with TALENT for once!

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