Mon May 14

[SBS/7:30pm] Mythbusters – 22000 Feet Tall – Get ready! Jamie and Adam take the plunge on a myth that originated in World War ll and detonate the biggest explosion in MythBusters history. The incredible and seemingly impossible myth: A WWll turret gunner falls 22,000 feet, only to be saved by the explosion of a 1,000-pound bomb beneath him that cushions his fall. Can this be true?
[SBS/8:30pm] South Park – Stanley’s Cup – Stan Marsh has hit rock bottom. He’s got no job, no bicycle and his only way out of a bad situation, is to coach the local pee wee hockey team. Once a hotshot pee wee hockey player himself, Stan has tried to put those days behind him. But he’s still living with the memory of how he let his team down when he missed the winning shot in the big game.
[SBS/9:00pm] South Park. “Hell on Earth 2006” With Steve Irwin parody.
[SBS/10:00pm] If the Dead Could Speak. Premiere. The new Latino HBO series. Feeling responsible for the death of innocent children at a local school, Renzo Márquez (Julio Chávez) quit the police force. Now, five years later, when a brutally mutilated body appears, everything seems to indicate that this crime is related to the events that motivated Renzo to leave the force…and that a bloody game of revenge is just beginning, as a cunning serial killer leaves clues to the fate of his next victims via enigmatic epitaphs. Obsessed with the murderer, therapist Laura Santini (Paola Krum), who was also involved in the tragedy at the school, is forced to work with Renzo. Together, they must face the ghosts of the past and try to decipher each mysterious epitaph. The unanticipated arrival of homicide detective Marina Segal (Cecilia Roth) will bring an unexpected twist to the investigation. Five years after the deaths of several innocent children at a local school, a brutal crime reunites commissioner Benitez, ex-police officer Renzo Márquez and psychiatrist Laura Santini. They must find a way to stop the cunning serial killer who leaves clues to the fate of his next victim via enigmatic epitaphs, starting with the one who “never should.”

[SBS/10:30pm] Anatomy for Beginners.

[Seven/7:30pm] The Rich List. How many FAMOUS DOGS FROM TELEVISION SHOWS can you list? In the first of its kind, test your skills against the contestants in this addictive list game where limitless amounts of money can be won. Hosted by ANDREW O’KEEFE.
[Seven/8:30pm] Desperate Housewives. I REMEMBER THAT. Mike Delfino remembers scenes from his past after visiting a hypnotherapist. Problems at Scavo’s Pizzeria cause conflict in Lynette and Tom’s relationship. Gabrielle falls into a trap set by her admirer. Orson reveals his hidden past to Bree. Guest starring CODY KASCH.
[Seven/9:30pm] Brothers and Sisters. VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE. On Valentine’s Day, Kitty and Senator McCallister find it difficult to resist each other. Kevin has more companionship than he bargained for. Nora has dinner with a wayward friend and finds herself in a bit of trouble. Guest starring ROB LOWE and MARGOT KIDDER.
[Seven/8:30pm] Boston Legal. DUMPING BELLA. Breaking up with Bella becomes a challenge for Denny when she asks him to sue an animal-rights group who is harassing her cosmetic business. Brad and Jeffrey continue their feud at the mandatory office costume-party.
[Seven/11:30pm] Scrubs. MY NIGHT TO REMEMBER. While helping a patient regain his memory, the staff at Sacred Heart stirs up some memories of their own and take a trip down memory lane in this unique look back on six years of SCRUBS.

[ABC/8:00pm] Australian Story
[ABC/8:30pm] Bastard Boys. In the thrilling conclusion to BASTARD BOYS, the pressure builds as both sides try to win the hearts and support of the Australian public. As the drama plays out in the full glare of the public spotlight, there is no room for failure or second chances. Every second counts. It premieres at 8.30pm, Monday 14 May on ABC TV.PART THREE – SEAN’S WAR: Dock worker Sean McSwain (Anthony Hayes) is elected as the State Representative for the MUA, just as scab labour begins working on Berth 5 at Patrick’s Webb Dock in Melbourne. It becomes his responsibility to run the protest at the Melbourne docks. It is a mission that will test everything he has as an organiser, a mate, and a man. This forces Sean directly up against Tony Tully (Jack Thompson), a second-generation wharfie, who is used to the Union’s old ways of fighting. Angry at the no-violence rule, he and his son Brendan (Daniel Wyllie) are not the only ones who believe the Union’s gone soft. But secretly, Tony is scared of the changes looming. Fear makes him lash out… with dire consequences. PART FOUR – CHRIS’S WAR Chris Corrigan (Geoff Morrell) is the Managing Director of Patrick Stevedores. He pits his will, strength and determination against the full resources of the labour movement, the media, the banks and, increasingly, the public, as Australian sentiment swings in behind the Union. The Federal Court brings down its finding in favour of the Union: Patrick Stevedores must reinstate its sacked workers as soon as possible. Corrigan finds himself cornered – his wife Valerie (Helen Thomson) and family are receiving obscene and threatening phone calls; he is forced to stay under constant security surveillance; to travel only in the security of a laundry van. He appeals against the decision. The full bench of the Federal Court hears the appeal. For the first time in history, the decision of the Court is televised live around the country, as Justice Wilcox announces in favour of the Union. Corrigan appeals, this time to the highest court in the land. With everything hanging on this outcome, the High Court of Australia rules for the Union. Corrigan has no choice but to attempt to reach a negotiated settlement with the Union. The MUA workers return triumphantly to work. In the eyes of the public, the story is all over. But out of the media glare, Corrigan, Coombs, Combet and their teams fight to the death over the terms of the settlement. Life on the docks will be forever changed.

[Nine/7:30pm] What’s Good For You? Can muscle turn to fat? Slats enlists the help of some rugby players to find out. Also, genetically modified food..frankenscience, or the answer to world starvation, Dr Rochford reports.
[Nine/8:35pm] 1 vs 100
[Nine/9:30pm] CSI: NY. “Murder sings the Blues.” A young woman dies after she starts bleeding from the eyes, nose and mouth while at a party aboard a subway train. Mac originally believes she is the victim of a biological attack. Later, it is revealed that Sheldon knew the victim. Across town a wealthy playboy is found dead in an indoor lap pool in his penthouse. Stars Gary Sinise and Melina Karakaredes.

[Ten/7:30pm] Big Brother. Live Nominations
[Ten/8:30pm] Supernatural. “Tall Tales.”

[Bio/7:30pm] At Home With. David Campbell
[Ovation/9:30pm] David Bowie: Spider Glass Tour
[World Movies/10:00pm] Movie: Summer Dress (France 1996) It’s summer. Sébastien loves the singer Sheila. Lucia loves boys. And all Frédéric wants, is to get a nice tan…

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