Nine singing with new shows

More confirmation today that Nine has picked up the musical drama Viva Laughlin!, Pushing Daisies and Cashmere Mafia from the US.

Seven has Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money.

All of these were leaked here two weeks ago in our 2008 Show Watch.

No doubt both Nine and Seven will issue loud press releases which will be republished when they come to hand.


  1. The treatment of N/T has been appalling and annoys me when it has been such a good show. I don’t recall any specific mention of it returning after Easter, but I am sure any viewers who were hooked by the ripping Carver storyline have now sought answers from DVD, internet or downloads. Nine only has themselves to blame. We are now a series and a half behind. As for Series 4 (out on DVD) and 5 (due in the US later this year) alas, pigs may fly.

  2. David, do you know if 9 are buying more Nip/Tuck episodes?..Also do you know when Nip/Tuck will resume on 9 this year?..They said it was supposed to be on after Easter..

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