TT targets ACA crash.

The current affairs slag-off war heats up again tonight with Today Tonight suggesting A Current Affair was instrumental in causing a crash in a Melbourne tunnel.

It claims to have new witnesses and new evidence from a second truck driver which it will speak to exclusively tonight.

Press Release:

Tonight we speak to the Melbourne truck driver out to prove that it was a Channel Nine crew that caused a near fatal crash between his truck and a Mercedes in the Domain Tunnel.

In an exclusive report, Today Tonight reveals new evidence and new witnesses and looks at the incredible vision that Victoria Police are being asked to investigate.

Now, a second truckie has come forward saying that A Current Affair’s crew and their female driver had been driving crazily in front of his truck before the dramatic accident. He talks about the dangerous driving he saw and how when he drove past the crash, he recognised the same silver vehicle leaving the scene.

This key new witness believes the Channel Nine crew were continually driving through the tunnel simply to obtain the terrifying vision.

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  1. does any1 knw wat date that storey on ACA was aired i wana see it ? or even a newspaper report of it…the ACA side because i want to see how the manipulated the situation

    ps. schul research

  2. I only caught the part on ACA where both the police officer and a spokesperson from NRMA said that the truck driver was driving irresponsibly. I think that speaks volumes, ACA propaganda or not.

  3. I was run off the road by a truck driver who blamed me for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    He also told me that I was lucky he wasn’t in a rush.

    I am an advanced driver, a driving instructor, and a prior racing car driver.

    I thank God it wasn’t my wife driving her car, with the children that day.

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