Axed: The Catch-Up

Nine has bitten the bullet and axed The Catch-Up.

A final episode will air this Friday.

The statement by Nine follows the resignation of Mia Freedman today.

Nine will replace the show with midday movies such as “Arthur” , “Strange Bedfellows” and “On Golden Pond.” Repeats of McLeod’s Daughters will also disappear.

Nine is reviewing “re-deployment opportunities” for Catch-Up staff.

In last week’s TV Tonight poll readers voted for the Nine axe to fall:
Just axe the lot and start again 32%
The Catch Up 28%
Ralph TV 10%
Anything With Eddie 9%
The Nation 7%
The Footy Show 6%
Today 3%
Temptation 2%
Getaway 1%
Sunday 1%
*figures rounded

Press Release:

The Nine Network Australia today announced that a decision had been taken to cease production on its weekday talk show, The Catch Up.

Viewed as a bold move earlier this year, The Catch Up was one of a number of initiatives that demonstrates the Network’s commitment to Australian programming.

“We thank the team at The Catch Up for their enthusiasm, dedication and belief in the product. Libbi Gorr, Lisa Oldfield, Mary Moody and Zoe Sheridan have shown true leadership and we wish them all the very best for their future,” said Jeff Browne, Executive Director, Nine Network Australia.

“Executive Producer, Tara Smithson, and her production team have been passionate in their pursuit to deliver an interesting and thought provoking daily chat show. We thank them for their hard work,” Browne added.

The Network is reviewing The Catch Up’s staff structure and the redeployment opportunities.

The final broadcast will occur on Friday 15th June, 2007.

The show will be replaced by midday movies.

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  1. “The Catch Up” was dissapointing because it seemed to pander to the lowest common denominator.
    When I tuned in, I felt that the panel were quite condecending and false.

    Also, they seemed to have SO many stories relating to motherhood,/stay at home Mums & Dads, etc.
    Not ALL people who are at home during the day are mothers, or have families!

    *****Here are a list of people who might also be at home ~

    1.Small business owners (who work from home).
    2.Professional theatre people (actors, singers, dancers).
    3.The unemployed.
    4.Shift workers.
    5.Older people/senior citizens.
    6.Retired people.
    7.People off work due to illness.


    So, the next time Miss Mia Freedman decides to embark on a project as ‘creative consultant’, she may like to look outside the square!

    The bickering became quite tiresome, and the bitching just became an insult for the viewers.
    So bloody stupid to get so worked up over things that people are always going to have a difference of opinion on anyway!
    It IS possible to have a rich conversation about topics (even provocative issues) and not explode in a tirade of insults when one doesn’t agree with the other!

    Just silliness.

    Channel Nine, it seems, is no longer ‘The One’.
    It needs to get it’s oversized ego in check and realise that it’s little empire is crumbling all around them.

    Oh……. and midday movies? Yeah, o.k then. Fine. But “Arthur”, On Golden Pond” etc???!!!
    Please….please refer to my section marked “****”

    All that said –
    Can we please (as TV execs and the public alike) support the floundering Australian television industry? We need much more local content!

    Sarah. (South Yarra)


  2. Unfortunately The Catch-up was doomed to fail after Lisa Oldfield’s hysterical redneck rantings and ravings became more frequent. Why didn’t they axe her instead of the whole show? It was great the week she wasn’t there because of her ridiculous lip fiasco, the other girls were great, I hope one of the other channels might take on a similar type of show to make daytime viewing a little more interesting.

  3. i canot believe such a great show is being axed i have learnt heaps about life sice watching the show issues that arnt readilly talked about.. i love everyone on the panel..i used to have austar on day i actually had a reason to tune into imparja thats gone now. more real life stuff with good advise for mums sitting around the house with nothing to do, tying to at least keep our brains active. dissapointing….

  4. i love lisa oldfield she has lived life, got guts and an opinion on what goes on around her, just because she isnt your cup of tea doesnt mean others dont find her very interesting….

  5. The line about redeployment of staff is a bit of a joke – most of the staff where contractors or freelancers anyway.

    Maybe Nine executives should be talking with the guys over at WIN – they dumped “The Catch Up” weeks ago.

    It looks like all of Eddies appointments are slowly be undone!

  6. It was just a cheesey rip off of the view that is on the w channel on foxtel which is a much better program that has been on tv for 10 years.

  7. Luke (sexyer1)

    Yay, there is a god.

    Finally ch9 has got itself off the drugs and are actually watching their broadcast with a clear mind?

    What next?

    I think KaK is getting a bit old… not her, but her show.. her act is a bit old..

    Oh, don’t forget to axe ACA…

    Oh, and give Libbi Gorr her own show – I bet she would kick arse!!

    Luke (sexyer1)

  8. Abstract Adam - Adam Oriti

    Well good! They axe Y&R, chop and change the times. Funnily enough the show that replaced Y&R went to 12pm when Y&R is on.

  9. At the start i wanted them to axe it because it was the replacement for The Young And The Restless (Nine will NEVER be forgiven for sending it to Foxtel) … but I actually grew to appreciate them all, including Lisa Oldfield who matured in her views over the months. Now I am sad to see it go!

  10. Alan Jones gone, Catch Up gone, Digital on the way.

    CVC are making some good moves.

    Lets hope it continues when they begin cost cutting, i.e. not cooking News and Caff.

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