BB Special on / off / on / off

TEN today pulled a planned Big Brother special originally scheduled for Wednesday June 20 and replaced it with a 1 hr edition of the Daily Show.

It follows an earlier special “The Works” being planned then dumped.

For the next three Wednesdays BB will feature a one hour Daily Show followed by a Simpsons repeat (just for something completely different).

Programming amendments are nothing new in the biz, but they are turning into an art-form with some networks lately!

Meanwhile, teaser ads for Thank God You’re Here have begun appearing on TEN.

By the time it eventually arrives, never a truer word will have been said….

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  1. Travis made some comments last night which may well have won him this year’s BB …
    New gay boy Zach was talking to truckie Travis and was stunned when Travis was so supportive to him, even saying that he would not have an issue if his son turned out to be gay … he would love him the same as he does now … and it was obviously a genuine comment. Zach was stunned and I was in tears … what a brilliant display of “the right attitude” that we need from society in general!

  2. Actually, Ten has been playing new episodes of The Simpsons quite consistently this year, although they have replaced it with repeats during the Easter period, or whenever there was a Big Brother special on (which comes as no surprise).

    I would rather Ten played two episodes per week to hype up the new Simpsons movie, but I guess they want to hold onto a few episodes as it’ll probably rate REALLY well after the movie is released.

  3. I love the pace of the BB 1 hour episodes! So much more interesting as they tend to focus on character development and more details.

    This is what the program has been lacking with the axing of adults only – we barely get to see them in their element and having fun – and when we try to – it’s heavily censored!

  4. Because Network TEN has so little respect for new episodes of The Simpsons I find I usually miss it when they are actually showing a new episode once a month…

    BB sux this year they should scratch the special length episodes and resume regular programming!

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