Confirmed: Nine execs gone

As leaked to TV Tonight late yesterday afternoon, today we have confirmation that two Nine executives have been rolled at Nine.

Cos Cardone, Head of Entertainment, is to go. Cordone had a background in sports but has been in charge of the ailing The Nation. He was a “right-hand man” to Eddie McGuire, whose role as CEO ended this week.

Another executive, Gary Fenton, is taking a package which sees him continue in a consulting role. Fenton has been instrumental in Nine’s sports acquisitions including the World Swimming Championships.

Cardone’s removal will shift all focus to the future of The Nation, as if it wasn’t there already. How on earth can it sustain another troubled week?

Thanks to our tipster for the accuracy of the story!

Extra info via the Herald-Sun.


  1. While they are at it … can they PLEASE do something about the poor DIGITAL reception for Channel 9 in the western suburbs!!!! Another reason not to watch them!

  2. Luke (sexyer1)

    I have been wondering if Nine has simply been used as a tax write-off for it’s parent company?

    All these people with a background in Sport given big positions such as the CEO position and Head of entertainment, no surprises there is nothing funny on Nine these days (The Nation inclusive).

    I have to say it seems interesting to me that Eddie’s CEO role ended this week just as we enter a new financial year!!?

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