Explosive tell-all in Nine book

Gerald Stone’s new book Who Killed Channel Nine? likens the death of Kerry Packer to a dying king, unable to protect his kingdom from a greedy prince.

Stone was Executive Producer of 60 Minutes from 1974 to 1989 and the man credited with leading the #1 show in the country. But his book, which has taken 13 months to write, will spill the beans on the inner workings of the once-glorious network.

Stone asserts that Kerry Packer wanted Nine to remain number one at all costs, whilst James was focussed on profit. It is particularly unkind to current PBL executive John Alexander, painting him as a man with little understanding of commercial television.

Other claims in the book relate to the leaking of doubts about Jana Wendt during her contract negotiations, the unexplained demise of the Sunday show, the exit of the producers of The Block, Eddie McGuire’s fury over Steve Liebmann’s criticisms of The Today Show and more.

The book, which was launched yesterday, is sure to make a great wedding president for James Packer.

Source: The Age.


  1. Today Tonight are running a story on this tonight.
    Both the 6:30pm “Current Affairs” programs take any opportunity to whack the opposition, eg. stories around Big Brother or The Chaser.

    Top Quality, must see TV indeed.

  2. Sounds great, can’t wait to read it … now we may understand clearly why Channel 9 has gone down the drain! (Well, I have always known that, but now everyone will!)

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