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[Ten/1:00pm] Oprah. “The Best Places To Find Men Over 35: Gayle King Reports”
[Ten/4:00pm] Totally Wild. Totally Wild – Antarctica Special
[Ten/4:30pm] Bold & Beautiful. Sydney locations.
[Ten/6.30pm] ‘Simpsons Sneak Peek’
[Ten/7:30pm] Big Brother – Friday Night Live
[Ten/12:30am Sat] Letterman: Johnny Depp.

[SBS/10:00pm] When Two Won’t Do – The word “polyamory” has its etymology in the Greek “poly”, meaning “many”, and the Latin “amor”, meaning “love”. When Two Won’t Do is the documentary by Montreal filmmakers Maureen Marovitch and David Finch. Maureen wants an open relationship, while David is a staunch monogamist. Maureen feels she cannot commit to David because she finds she can, and does, love more than one person at a time, which, besides David, includes Will and his wife, and Craig. David tries hard to appease her by embracing her polyamory, but, ultimately, cannot reconcile himself with the concept, remaining hell-bent on monogamy. Along the way, the couple will learn, on-camera, just how open their hard-won relationship can be, before it begins to tear apart at the seams. (From Canada, in English) (Documentary) (Rpt) M (L,A,S) CC

[ABC/8:30pm] Taggart: Cause To Kill. When a body is discovered Burke enlists the help of an old friend, pathologist Irene Russell. CAST: Blythe Duff, John Michie.
[ABC/9:40pm] The Ghost Squad: Greater Manchester. Amy is assigned to protect the sole witness to a murder and has a glimpse of what the long term effects of being an undercover officer can be. CAST: Clare Holman.
[ABC/11:10pm] The Chaser’s War On Everything

[Showtime/8:30pm] Masters of Horror 2. Ron Perlman
[Ovation/10:30pm] Diana Krall Live in Paris

[SBS/1:00pm] Eurovision Song Contest Junior 2006 – Now in its fourth year, Eurovision Song Contest Junior 2007 involves children from the age of eight to 15 performing songs, which they have composed themselves. This year’s contest promises to be another memorable event. The venue for the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest is the Sala Polivalenta in Bucharest, Romania. The participating countries will have held their national contests for children prior to the main broadcast and the 15 national winners will then take part in the European final. Competing countries this year are Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, and Ukraine. (From Romania, in English and Romanian, English subtitles) (Special) (Rpt) G WS
[SBS/7:30pm] Nerds FC – With a full season behind them, the Nerds team from last year are still in love with soccer and still playing whenever the opportunity presents. Shocking the new team, the Nerds from last year burst on to the field determined to finally win a game. It’s a matter of pride. To lose against the newcomers would be a fate worse than death. With their skill and experience, their intent is to make Nerd history. And the winner is Nerds FC of course! Finally a Nerds FC team could add a victory to their resume. Afterwards both teams continued to bond and exchange useful information while holding on to dear life white water rafting. (Commissioned by SBSi, in English) (Documentary Series) G CC WS
[SBS/8:00pm] Kick – I Feel A Tingle – Miki wants to land the part of a hooker in a TV commercial. Plus, she’s holding down her receptionist job and organising the Hoperoos. Joe is fed up with Miki’s unreliability, and Jan’s home renovation obsession and her disinterest in sex its driving him to therapy. Meanwhile, Layla goes deeper into Jackie’s world and Ozzie’s frustration with his mother is resolved. Tatiana’s loyalty to soccer is challenged when she’s offered a gig as lead singer of Dead Fish, while Hoa believes he’s on to a sure thing with talented young chef, Jana. Finally Miki gets offended by the commercial director’s ethnic stereotyping and storms out of her audition. (Commissioned by SBSi, in English) (Drama Series) PG CC WS

[Seven/6:30pm] The Great Outdoors. Cricketer BRETT LEE shows Jennifer Hawkins around his new hometown, and the spot forever linked to Sir Donald Bradman. Ernie shows why Thailand is the perfect place to take the kids. Andrew Daddo’s ‘Sneaky Dad’ guide to playing golf while making sure mum has fun too. The real story behind some of Australia’s most famous wineries. Holiday tips and food secrets in Japan. Tom Williams sees New Zealand onboard a champion pacer.
[Seven/8:35pm] Movie: Calendar Girls. (UK 2003) Academy Award winner HELEN MIRREN and JULIE WALTERS star in this heartfelt British comedy about a group of women who dropped everything for a good cause. The Women’s Institute in Great Britain encourages the refined skills of jam-making, knitting and baking. So when a group of extraordinary women are looking for a new way to raise money, they decide to transform the annual WI calendar. Behind the baked goods, the apple pressing and flower arranging, the daring women are completely naked – taking the term ‘natural exposure’ to a whole new level. Also starring JOHN ALDERTON, LINDA BASSETT, ANNETTE CROSBIE, PHILIP GLENISTER, CIARAN HINDS and CELIA IMRIE.

[SBS/8:30pm] Movie Show
[SBS/8:40pm] Iron Chef
[SBS/11:10pm] Shameless
[SBS/12:05am Sun] S O S – Shorts On Screen: Tragic Story With Happy Ending – There are people who, in spite of themselves, are different from the rest. All they want to do is to fit in with the crowd. Awarded the Annecy Cristal Award at Annecy 2006 (From France, in Portuguese, English subtitles); Dance Mania Fantastic – Takeshi, a young Japanese banker in New York is unable to tell his family that he’s been fired. He puts on his suit and tie each morning and heads to the local arcade. He finds utopian escapism on the Dance Mania Fantastic machine until reality catches up with him. Winner of the Student Visionary Award at the Tribecca Film Festival 2005 (From the US, in English and Japanese, English subtitles); Lupe And Bruno – A cute stop-motion animation about a Lupe who is infatuated with Bruno… Winner of the Audience Award at Animadrid, Spain 2005 (From Spain, no dialogue); Eustice Solves A Problem – In a 1958 televised mathematics competition, Eustice Badgery finds a friend and the courage to stand up to his mother (From Australia, in English) (Rpt); Cool Water – A couple’s day at the beach is complicated when an uninvited third joins them for the afternoon (From Israel, in Hebrew) (Rpt); Boy Meets Girl: Waking Up – A young man’s soul is filled with sadness when he wakes up because his love has left him (From the Netherlands, in Dutch) (Rpt) PG

[ABC/7:30pm] The Sideshow With Paul McDermott. Final. On tonight’s show, Stumpy Cook’s Magic Finger and a performance by Cirque de So Lame.
[ABC/10:15pm] Parkinson. On tonight’s show Parky is joined by chat show host Patrick Kielty who recalls a stag weekend in Las Vegas and a fun run with Prince William. Television star of more than 30 years Wendy Richard, speaks about her reasons for leaving EastEnders and revisits the good old days at Are You Being Served? Also, Paolo Nutini performs Rewind from his album The Streets. Finally, adventurer and story teller Michael Palin, relives his traumatic appearance on Saturday Night Live, which involved a seafood salad, two cats and a pair of reinforced trousers!

[Bio/8:30pm] TV-Ography. The Brady Bunch
[Bio/10:00pm] Florence Henderson: Here’s the Story
[Bio/10:45pm] Robert Reed: Unfinished Business
[Ovation/10:00pm] Adelaide Cabaret Festival

[ABC/5:00pm] Sunday Arts. This week on Sunday Arts Virginia Trioli chats to the longest serving principal artist in the Australian Ballet, Stephen Heathcote. We visit the Adelaide Cabaret Festival and look at the popularity of cabaret and musical theatre in Australia and we hear from TinAlley – the only Australian competitors at this year’s prestigious Melbourne International Chamber Music competition.Stephen Heathcote: Stephen Heathcote has announced that this year will be last as a Principal with the Australian Ballet. Virginia Trioli chats to Stephen about his retirement and what plans he has for the future. Stephen has often been called the Australian Ballet’s resident sex symbol, because of his presence and assured masculinity. He is a sought after partner and a brilliant Romeo but the role that brought him the most attention was the scantily clad rebellious slave, Spartacus. Stephen has made guest appearances with the Kirov Ballet, the American Ballet Theatre, the Birmingham Royal Ballet, the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, the Royal Danish Ballet, Kiev Ballet and the Latvian National Ballet. Cabaret Boom: We take a closer look at the explosion of cabaret and musical theatre acts popping up all over Australia. Next month hundreds of musicians, comics, vaudevillians and burlesque artists from all over the world will arrive in Adelaide to be part of the enormously popular Adelaide Cabaret Festival. This week we take a look at some of the new and emerging cabaret artists who are flourishing in this era where audiences are returning to cabaret.
[ABC/7:30pm] Robin Hood. Robin (Jonas Armstrong) and Little John (Gordon Kennedy) witness a brutal tax collection, the capture of their bow maker (Steven Elder), and worse, the arrest of Little John’s son (Clem Tibber). Little John tries to save his son and he too is carted off to the castle dungeons. There, Little John meets his son and the bow maker. Then fate plays its hand and Alice Little (Juliet Seal) is thrown in the dungeons as well and the estranged husband and wife are temporarily reunited. Will Scarlett (Harry Lloyd) and Allan (Joe Armstrong) disguise themselves as guards to infiltrate the castle. Meanwhile Much (Sam Troughton) and DJaq (Anjali Jay) are left behind to contemplate life without Robin who visits Marian (Lucy Griffiths) in her guest room to see if he can track down John. Alice is stunned when John reveals he is still alive and she is hurt and angry that the beloved husband she has been mourning let her think he was dead. But while John and Alice try to work out what’s best for the future, the Sheriff (Keith Allen) cooks up a plan of his own for a Festival of Pain – and they are the star acts.
[ABC/8:30pm] Life on Mars. Time-travel detective Sam Tyler (John Simm) marooned in 1973 after a car accident hears the voice of his mother in 2006, as she tearfully tells her comatose son that his life support machine is to be switched off. Then Sam’s job as a 1970s DI intrudes, with news of an armed siege at the local newspaper offices. The newspaper editor (Ken Drury), his secretary (Margaret Henshaw) and a reporter (Ruth Millar) are being held at gunpoint by Reg Cole (Paul Copley) an angry and embittered man who threatens to kill them all by 2pm – coincidentally the time when Sam’s life support machine is to be stopped. Having pledged that “No-one dies today”, Sam brings his own modern methods of hostage negotiation to bear, until the arrival of his Neanderthal DCI Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) who manages to get himself along with Sam and WPC Annie Cartright (Liz White) imprisoned by Cole. After a failed attempt to escape Sam, Gene and Annie are put on “death row” by the hostage-taker. With the deadline looming they desperately need to find a way out.
[ABC/9:30pm] Compass: Surrogate Mums.The issue of surrogacy has been the cause of great moral, legal and ethical debate within Australia and the world. However, for an increasing number of couples who find themselves infertile, surrogacy can be a dream come true. In Australia, some 15% of infertile couples turn to alternative methods such as IVF. Surrogacy, which takes it a step further, has allowed NSW husband and wife Paul and Rebecca McGroder to fulfill their dream of having a family. Rebecca was born without a uterus, an extremely rare condition. Not being able to ‘house’ a pregnancy, traditional IVF was not an option, and with husband Paul being over 40 years of age, adoption was also out of the question. Rebecca then decided to turn to her sister-in-law Helen to become their surrogate. She agreed. Surrogacy can be a god-send for many couples, but it can also be an extremely daunting process. Unlike America, where commercial surrogacy means there are a slew of ‘baby-machines’ and ‘baby-brokers’ advertising themselves online, money is not allowed to change hands in Australia. Paul and Rebecca kick-started the long journey to parenthood in Canberra, and now, three years later, we meet baby Liam, whose life was made possible by his Aunt Helen. We also meet Australia’s’ very first surrogate child, 18-year-old Alice Kirkman, who was brought into the world by her aunt, in a time when surrogacy was highly controversial. Unlike the Kirkmans and McGroders, surrogacy doesn’t always have a happy ending. Bitter custody battles both here and overseas can highlight what happens when surrogacy agreements break down. What if the surrogate bonds with the child and changes her mind? What if the child is born with a disability? How about multiple births? Despite its existence in Australia for almost two decades, surrogacy is still a topic of debate; and in this episode of Compass we explore the issues surrounding the reality of being a surrogate mum.

[Seven/6:30pm] Where Are They Now? Tonight, all your favourites from THE YOUNG DOCTOR’S, Australia’s longest running TV series are reunited and relive their fondest memories. Mel and Kochie catch up with The Six Million Dollar Man himself LEE MAJORS. They also chat to courageous Aussie KAY NESBIT, 22 years on from the shocking shotgun attack that left her face permanently scarred. And tonight’s mystery guest is an Australian tennis legend. Hosted by MELISSA DOYLE and DAVID KOCH.
[Seven/7:30pm] Ugly Betty. THE ICING ON THE CAKE. Betty impulsively asks her orthodontist to be her date when Henry insists she come to Charlie’s birthday party. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina tries to drive a wedge between Daniel and Alexis when Daniel hides the fact that he’s the one who hired Grace Chin. Amanda catches the eye of a very unusual designer who declares she is his ‘muse’. Guest starring LUCY LIU.
[Seven/8:30pm] Grey’s Anatomy. S.O.S. PART 3 – SOME KIND OF MIRACLE. All hearts stop momentarily as the staff of Seattle Grace pray for some kind of miracle in the final part of the Ferry disaster. Alex helps a young pregnant Jane Doe with no trace of identity. George confronts Izzie about Callie. The pressure is too much for some when one life is lost forever. Guest starring JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN and KATE BURTON.
[Seven/10:30pm] Alias. …1…Sydney teams up with Renée – a fugitive on the CIA’s “Most Wanted” list – to track down the murderer of a close friend. Meanwhile, Jack enlists a reluctant new agent, Thomas Grace. Weiss struggles to decide whether or not to accept a promotion that would force him to leave his colleagues. Guest starring Brothers and Sisters’ BALTHAZAR GETTY. Also starring JENNIFER GARNER.

[Nine/6:30pm] Backyard Blitz
[Nine/7:30pm] 60 Minutes
[Nine/8:30pm] CSI. “Sweet Jane.” Guest: Ned Beatty
[Nine/9:30pm] CSI Miami. “Come As You Are.” Guest: Rob Estes
[Nine/10:30pm] Survivor: Fiji

[Ten/1:30pm] Movie: Xanadu (US 1980) Rpt.
[Ten/3:10pm] Movie: Glitter (US 2001) Mariah Carey
[Ten/7:30pm] Big Brother. Live Eviction. Double
[Ten/9:00pm] Rove

[SBS/8:30pm] Big Love – Eclipse – Bill seeks “clarity” after experiencing some unsettling dreams. Later, on a hunting trip with Ben, he gets the answer for which he’s been searching. Barb gets a long-term teaching job, putting added pressure back home on Nicki and Margene. Nicki fends off her creditors, barely; Joey pays Bill a visit with some revealing news about Roman; Sarah is bailed out of a bad party by Heather, and Teenie bangs away the dragons during a lunar eclipse. (From the US, in English) (Drama Series) M (L) CC
[SBS/9:30pm] R.A.N: Remote Area Nurse – Blue Hawaii – A long awaited tombstone opening is meant to conclude the grieving period, instead, it reignites tensions. After a few drinks, Russ and Helen, dance suggestively. This is observed by everyone – most especially Russ’ wife, Ina. Helen is shunned by the community, causing pain and confusion that leads to her into the arms of Robbo. Meanwhile, things deteriorate for Paul and Bernadette, ending in a violent row. The shock waves reverberate around the island, impacting everyone, but especially Helen and Nancy, who saw it coming, but did not act fast enough to prevent it. For the first time, Helen wonders just how much longer she can stay here. (Commissioned by SBSI, in English and Torres Strait Creole, English subtitles) (Drama Series) (Part 5) (Rpt) M (L,V,A) CC WS
[SBS/10:30pm] Movie: Australian Rules – Adapted from the Phillip Gwynne novel, “Deadly, Unna?” This Australian film tells the story of an adolescent boy struggling with family conflict and inter-racial turmoil in a lonely fishing village. Set in remote Prospect Bay, it focuses on Gary Black (Blacky); a smart kid and an eager, but unexceptional, player on the Aussie rules team. His friend, Aboriginal star player Dumby lives in the Mission settlement with his sister Clarence, with whom Blacky shares a mutual attraction. While the Aboriginals are welcome on the football field, where their playing skills habitually dominate, the townsfolk prefer them keep to themselves. Directed by Paul Goldman, and stars Luke Carroll and Nathan Phillips. (Commissioned by SBSi, in English) (Drama) (2002) (Rpt) M (V,L,A) CC WS
[SBS/12:15am Mon] The Making of La Vie En Rose – A look at the making of La Vie En Rose, a swirling impressionistic portrait of artist Edith Piaf. Born into abject poverty , surrounded by street performers, hooker, and pimps, Piaf’s voice made her a star on both sides of the Atlantic. (From France, English subtitles)
[SBS/12:45am Mon] John Safran Vs God – Harlem Gospel Choir/ Middle East Peace/ Viking/ Malawi Vampires – This episode John auditions for the world-famous Harlem Gospel Choir. Will his rendition of “Amazing Grace” make the grade? He then tries to broker a peace deal between prominent Australian Palestinian and Israeli activists, using an unlikely Australian celebrity. Spurned on by rumours of vampires within the Republic of Malawi’s parliament, John goes looking for vampires among Australian politicians. (Commissioned by SBSi, in English) (Documentary Series) (Rpt) M (L) CC

[Arena/8:30pm] Entourage


  1. About when two won’t do :

    Why is it that all the docs on the subject of “extra norm” sexual and/or affective relationships almost SYSTEMATICALLY involve people that are gruesomely UGLY ?!! My friends and I were zapping and fell on this film. We had to stop eating our snacks.
    Is it possible that the true problem of those people, whom are evidently affection deficient, is their utter unattractiveness?

  2. Calendar Girls? Didn’t Seven just play that a month ago?

    I just checked the eBroadcast TV Guide, so unless it is a recent change, Seven appears to be playing a G rated movie titled “The Rookie” at 8.35pm Saturday.

  3. LIFE ON MARS … I have been very tough on this show but it has won me over … brilliant idea and styling and scripts!

    JUNIOR EUROVISION … This is always agony! Child exploitation at its worst … you would think it was made in America!


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