Gallery: Sea Patrol

Take a look at Nine’s upcoming drama Sea Patrol.

These pictures look terrific, and point towards a much-needed Nine hit for 2007.

The principal cast of Lisa McCune and Ian Stenlake has been widely publicised, but others include Saskia Burmeister, Jeremy Lindsay-Taylor, Matt Holmes and Josh Lawson.

And there are two former boys from Neighbours set to sail too. Kristian Schmid makes a long-awaited return to commercial drama, as does Jay Bunyan, now known as Jay Ryan.

Sea Patrol is likely to air in July with a Wednesday 8:30pm timeslot the likely home.


  1. sea patrol is the next best thing to mcleods daughters. we absolutely love it. why did e.t have to die, him and nikki were so happy. we shed one too many tears over that one!!!

  2. i am the NO1. fan of sea patrol, have over 450 pictures and a 15 page story of sea patrol, i always cut out the pictures of the actors from sea patrol that are in the TV Week magazine, even if the picture is really small and i am the leading quiz person on, on the sea patrol quiz and my persons name is Chester-Moo and i have gotten all 31 questions right and i say to Reza that i challenge you to see who can get the most right and to see if you or i is the NO1. fan

  3. i am a 10 year old kid and ilove sea patrol so much that i made a book of it and i saw all of the episodes and at school no one likes sea patrol exept me i am the only one with drawings of sea patrol

  4. Does anyone have a pic of Murray Burt, who plays Richo in episode 11?
    Would love to get one of him in the show… went to school with him 🙂

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