It’s official. Battlestar surrenders.

The fourth series of Battlestar Galactica which kicks off in November, will be its last.

The 22 episode season promises to end with a bang, offering fans a “wild ride” in the meantime.

The decision was made by the show’s creatives, executive producers Ronald Moore and David Eick.

The early episodes, which under Australian director Michael Rymer received critical acclaim, were screened on TEN but were bumped to a late-night timeslot following disappointing ratings (let’s hope Torchwood fares better).

The US Sci-Fi Channel has denied rumours about the show’s demise for some time but latest reports quote the producers as saying, “This show was always meant to have a beginning, a middle and, finally, an end.”


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  1. Here,Here,Best news i have had this year.Series of this quality, in this genre are rare,possibly the most underrated and networked wrecked series on TV.Deserves to have its ending and avoid the “fade into oblivion”that seems to be all to common.

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