Mon June 25

[Seven/8:30pm] Desperate Housewives. “Gossip.” Gaby’s engagement party is upstaged by an unexpected announcement. The neighbourhood is full of gossip about the dead body found in a Wisteria Lane home. Susan gets help as she if faced with the hardest decision of her life.
[Seven/9:30pm] Brothers and Sisters. “Bad News” Sarah finds it very difficult to get past her husband’s alleged indiscretions with another woman. When Nora fails her writing class, her teacher allows her to pass on one condition – she must go on a date with him. Kitty has to calm the Senator down after a disastrous helicopter crash. Guest starring ROB LOWE.
[Seven/10:30pm] Boston Legal. “Brotherly Love”. Alan defends a shady lawyer accused of trying to cover up a murder his brother committed. Brad makes a stand against the firm that could cost him his job. Denny uses The Secret to wish Raquel Welch into his life. Guest starring Phyllis Diller.
Boston Legal Sydney: Bride Wore Blood: Guest Megan Mullally (Will & Grace)
[Seven/11:30pm] Scrubs THEIR STORY. In a unique twist, J.D. turns his narrating duties over to Ted, Todd and Jordan and the problems each have to solve. Ted tries to settle a pay dispute between the nurses and Dr. Kelso. Todd thinks he has found his calling in plastic surgery. Jordan messes with Elliot and Keith’s relationship.

[Ten/4:30pm] Bold & The Beautiful. 20th Anniversary
[Ten/7:30pm] Big Brother. Nominations.
[Ten/8:30pm] Supernatural. “All Hell Breaks Loose.” Part 1 of 2 part final.
[Ten/9:30pm] Torchwood. “Day One.”

[SBS/7:30pm] Mythbusters – Salsa Escape – There’s a myth that someone tried to remove concrete from a concrete truck with dynamite, so Adam and Jamie get hold of an old cement truck. They want to load it with just enough cement to coat it, let it harden and blow it up. In 1996, a Mexican prisoner, Juan Lopez, escaped from his cell by dissolving the bars on his cell window with salsa from his jailhouse dinners. He took six years to corrode the bars and hasn’t been seen since. Adam and Jamie build their version of a Mexican prison and Adam uses salsa combined with AC current, while Jamie uses DC current from a radio, plus salsa to see if it really works. (From the US, in English) (Documentary Series) (Rpt) PG CC
[SBS/8:35pm] South Park – Cancelled – The boys discover Earth is nothing but one big intergalactic reality show and it’s about to be cancelled. (From the US, in English) (Animated Comedy Series) (Rpt) M (D,S) CC WS
[SBS/9:00pm] Drawn Together – Short clips from previous episodes set the stage to select the winner of Drawn Together House, (From the US, in English) (Animated Comedy Series) MA (A,S) CC WS
[SBS/11:00pm] Oz – Straight Life – With drugs at record levels in the prison, Administrator Tim McManus and Sister Peter ask black leader Kareem Said to help fight the influx. McManus also talks to Schibetta for his assistance. When Schibetta refuses, his three mates are transferred out of the Emerald City experimental unit, and Schibetta makes a deal with the blacks. O’Reily watches this happen and reports it to the authorities because he wants to be the one close to Schibetta. His plan backfires because Schibetta was just testing the loyalty of his new allies and has other means of getting the drugs in. (From the US, in English) (Drama Series) (Rpt) MA (L,A,D)

[Nine/12:00pm] Movie: On Golden Pond (US 2001) Remake with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.
[Nine/7:30pm] What’s Good For You. Final.
[Nine/8:35pm] 1 vs 100
[Nine/10:30pm] Wimbledon. Day 1

[ABC/8:00pm] Australian Story
[ABC/8:30pm] Four Corners. Jonathan Holmes explores ways that Australians can cut energy consumption, and asks: how do we improve the design of our homes and the products that we put inside them
[ABC/9:20pm] Media Watch
[ABC/9:30pm] More than Enough Rope. This week: THE PERFECT GUEST: Michael Parkinson. Some guests are so good at the job that Andrew could quietly slip away and the interview would go on just fine. There’s no better example than Michael Parkinson, ably supported here by Antonio Banderas, Mel Brooks, Matt Damon, Josie Jackson, Gerard Donaghy and Glenn and Jane McGrath.

[Ovation/9:30pm] ABBA Special

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