Monster battle for kids looming

Forget about Today Tonight vs A Current Affair.

Think you’ve seen it all on Sunrise vs Today?

There’s a much bigger battle looming – the premiere of Dorothy the Dinosaur vs the new series of Hi-5. The two kids’ shows will air only 5 minutes apart on Monday June 11, and you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be major fights in loungerooms across Australia!

Dorothy is getting her first, stand-alone show on the ABC. Just as Joanie Loves Chachi flew the Happy Days coop, or Frasier checked out of Cheers, Dorothy has her own Wiggle-less show. What a dinosaur!

But in the red corner, stalwarts Hi-5 are replacing the maternal Kathleen with Sun Park! Kathleen is taking time out to have her baby. It’s a storyline ripped straight out of the Today show with Jessica Rowe / Sarah Murdoch / Kellie Connolly / Lisa Wilkinson! Oh Kathleen, didn’t you learn anything? Where will it all end! Who will win this titanic showdown? Will Dorothy hi-5 those Nine kids into history? Let’s get ready to rummmmmmmmble!

Press Releases:

ABC: Dorothy the Dinosaur will have her very own program on ABC TV from Monday June 11. Dorothy will be visited by her friends in the series, including Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus as well as Fairy Larissa, Fairy Clare and little Fairy Lucia. They take it in turns to drink Rosy Tea with Dorothy and to visit her garden where they sing and dance to the music played by Dominic and the Rosy Orchestra. Episode 1: Wags the Dog loves a mug of Rosy Tea! He also likes to help Dorothy in her garden. Dorothy and Wags remember that plants need sun to grow healthily. Dominic and the Rosy Orchestra appear and they sing and dance to Dance A Cachucha.


NINE: The ninth series from multi-Logie award-winning, international children’s sensation, Hi-5, with their new friend Sun Park, will return to air on the Nine Network from Monday, June 11 at 3.30pm weekdays. The new series opens with Kathleen deLeon Jones announcing her pregnancy and introducing new Hi-5 friend Sun Park who will be looking after her space and exploring puzzles and patterns. The series end is rounded off when Kathleen returns to the screen with her new bundle of joy, Mikayla. Focusing on education and positive messages, Hi-5 makes learning fun for 2-8 year olds using music, colours, shapes, words and physical activity. This is all brought to life by Hi-5’s five young,vibrant presenters

Dorothy the Dinosaur premieres at 3.25pm Monday June 11 on ABC.
Hi-5 Series 9 airs 3.30pm Monday June 11 on Nine.

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