Morning glory caps Seven win

Seven’s new Morning Show stormed over its opposition in Week 25, a familiar scenario to the networks at large this year.

Seven won the week with a 28.7% share to Nine’s 27.9%, TEN’s 21.3%, ABC’s 16.8% and SBS’ 5.2%.

Seven won all cities except Brisvegas with national wins on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Nine won Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday evenings and the week in Brisneyland.

Once again Seven News won six nights out of seven, in a week where the new Station Manager at STW9 Perth signalled possible changes to its local News. It is a long shot to expect it to turn around such deep-seated problems anytime soon, and whatever moves are afoot will be in keeping with WIN’s agenda not PBL’s.

News was especially big on Monday night following the Melbourne city shooting. Even TEN News passed the 1m mark.

It was an untimely incident as Seven’s new Morning Show kicked off, but the show won convincingly with 272,000 to David and Kim’s 147,000 and Kerri-Anne’s 126,000. On the second day Seven had slipped to 223,000, Nine 111,000, but without the US Golf lead-in David and Kim had dropped to a hollow 78,000. By the end of the week there was little change for the three. Larry and Kylie had arrived in a seamless Sunrise segue.

Other top performers for Seven were Today Tonight, It Takes Two, All Saints, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Better Homes and Gardens, The Rich List and Home and Away. The return of That 70s Show was down on My Name is Earl but did ok with 1.1m. Seven’s divided Wednesday shows (some of which air in Sydney and Brisbane on Thursdays) continue to compromise a nightly win.

Once again 60 Minutes was the top show of the week, as the sole heavy offering in a timeslot dominated by light fare. Nine’s screening of new CSI episodes helped it win Sunday night. Next was RPA: Where Are They Now, and a very strong 1.4m for McLeod’s Daughters –an encouraging sign before Sea Patrol launches. Other top shows included 1 vs 100, Nine News, ACA and Temptation. Somewhat embarrassingly, unscreened eps of the now-axed Backyard Blitz won its timeslot with 1.28m –a genre Nine had declared as “exhausted.” The Nation picked up 16,000 to score 626,000 but was trounced by the An Interview with Princes William and Harry Seven, just under 1.1m.

A new episode of House returned as TEN’s best show of the week, and the network again pushed Nine into third place on Tuesday night on the back of NCIS. Next was a Simpsons repeat (ahead of a new Simpsons), the Law and Order franchises and Big Brother. Torchwood did very good business with 987,000 and Pirate Master charted 905,000 in its first of two screenings, moderately higher than its predecessor Teen Fit Camp. As stated above, David and Kim now have a serious fight to keep alive.

The Chaser romped in at 1.4m and Spicks and Specks 1.3m. Taggart did terrific business followed by ABC News, New Inventors and Robin Hood. The final Sideshow petered out at only 614,000. Where does this leave a second season?

Mondays again did well for SBS.

Ratings Week 25

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