Nine to air Diana doco

The Nine Network will air the documentary Diana’s Last Day, the day before airing Concert for Diana.

The documentary will feature controversial unseen pictures taken by cameramen up until the collision of the Mercedes carrying the princess and her companion Dodi Fayed.

Not to be confused with the Channel 4 doco Diana: Witness in the Tunnel, broadcaster ITV insisted it will not be showing any images of her final moments in the Paris tunnel. An ITV spokesperson defended the footage. “We don’t think any of those are intrusive,” he commented, anticipating criticism. “We’ve thought very carefully about what we’re going to show.”

Meanwhile Foxtel will screen the Concert for Diana live before Nine shows highlights the following night.

The doco screens 8:30pm Sunday July 1.

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  1. Ive seen the doco! and i couldnt see what the fuss was all about.. the “ONE” picture they showed that cause all the issues.. was black and white you could see a doctor leaning over and the body of the car and thats it.. No diana at all. its like they fully blacked her out.

    Other then all the fuss that was made about it, I thought the doco was really well done.. definatly one to watch as there is alot of unseen footage.

  2. Nine’s ACA bagged it out. Whooops! Backflip time!

    What’s the bet they’ll do a puff piece on how amazing this show is before it screens?

    Credibility 0

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