Returning: Border Security

The changes are coming thick and fast now….. but TV Tonight is here to make sense of it all!

Border Security will return to Seven at 7:30pm Monday July 2. Assuming it stays put, this is a new night for the popular factual series, which has previously been a Tuesday and Wednesday show. Audience pull for this show has been over the 2m mark, and slated early in the week will be a boon Seven. The series will air on the same night as Nine’s Concert for Diana (should Nine bump it from 8:30 to 7:30?).

And TEN is reacting to the news of Sea Patrol‘s launch by dropping a planned repeat of Law and Order SVU for a new one. It’s been weeks since we’ve seen one!

No word yet on times for The Rich List, currently on Mondays 7:30 for Seven.

Stay tuned for more switcheroo.

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