Returning: Thank God You’re Here

Thank God it’s back.

TEN’s 2006 hit Thank God You’re Here is set to return from 7:30pm Wednesday July 11.

The show, which recorded its first ep this week, has been sorely missing from TEN’s schedule. After poor figures for The Con Test TEN has struggled to fill the slot with specials and extended daily episodes of Big Brother for no good reason.

It really needed a better plan of attack to complement its excellent line-up of House and Medium.

The US series of TGYH did not fire in America and it is not being renewed for further seasons by NBC, but it continues to find success in other territories.

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  1. Sillygostly

    OMG. So they JUST started to record the first episode this week? 😐 Wow. I thought they would have finished all 10 episodes by now. How annoying that they’ve taken so long to bring it back.

    Wednesday nights have been absolutely appalling this year. Hopefully the return of TGYH will help boost ratings for House and Medium when it returns. 🙂

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