Teen trouble at Ten

TEN’s new observational series Teen Fit Camp had a disappointing debut last night with only 735,000 viewers nationally.

Those are the kind of figures which saw Yasmine’s Getting Married dropped.

In the same timeslot Seven had How I Met Your Mother / My Name is Earl on 1.2m / 1.3m and Nine got 1.2m for Getaway.

Last night’s Big Brother also slipped under the 900,000 barrier coming in with 892,000. Unusually TEN was silent with its daily breakdown of figures in its prized 18 – 49 demographic.

TEN’s evening share was 21.4% to Seven and Nine’s 29% tie. It will try a repeat screening this Sunday at 12.00pm. But if it doesn’t generate much interest next week these are figures they can’t afford to sustain for very long…

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  1. Ten is a commercial enterprise, it won’t play out if it’s not working. Or at best would warrant a new timeslot.

    Did they play out any of these:

    Yasmine’s Getting Married, The Resort, Celebrity Dog School etc etc.

    Girlband was also bumped to a Sunday arvo timeslot. But let’s see if it goes up or down next week, that’s the real indicator.

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