TT vs The Chaser: Round 2

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The Chaser’s take on the TT “ambush” story came from a different angle, suggesting TT reporter James Thomas was looking to do what is commonly known as a ‘puff piece, by’ following a Chaser stunt. When Thomas turned up the boys instead turned the tables by telling him TT boss was the target of their stunt.

The boys had a lot more footage of the exchange than TT had aired, including Thomas in the back of the ‘booze bus’ about to divulge a little too much info….

You can see the footage here.

So did TT try to turn around a misfired interview opportunity into a “tell-all” on Chaser’s set-ups? Or was that their agenda from the get-go?

Hard to know yet…

In defence of TT, The Chaser boys didn’t address any of TT’s claims that they do include set-ups as part of their comedy.

But again, if Cardinal George Pell was part of a set-up for tonight’s show then I’m a monkey’s uncle.

ABC obviously airs a mix of “set-ups” and genuine ambush comedy. On TT they did concede there are occasions when they need to toe the legal line. If it means they’re not really walking into convenience stores with a hood over their head then frankly, I’m relieved.

Now then would everyone please get on with some real current affairs and some comedy so we can all get some sleep?

Round 2: The Chaser.


  1. Strangely, I didn’t think of the loss of life or property from the Hunter floods when I saw that opener. I just thought, “isn’t it funny seeing a drenched Craig Reucassel cracking up!” I don’t think they were making fun of the ‘horrible stuff’ that happened there, Anon, just that it rained a lot.

    Also, video of The Chaser’s story is at

  2. The joke about the Storm was WAY out of line. People dies in this storm and many have lost thier homes. But as usual nothing will be done about it an these creep will get away with this horrible stuff.

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